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Candidate Nominations

Updated 10:12am Monday 20 September 2021. Please refresh this page to display the latest information.

The Ballot Draw was conducted by the Town’s Returning Officer, Jeff Solliss, on Thursday, 9 September 2021 in Council Chambers at the Civic Centre. As per the results of the draw, the order of Candidates on the ballot papers for the 2021 Port Hedland Local Government Election will be as follows:
Mayoral Candidates
  • Lorraine BUTSON
  • Peter CARTER
  • George DACCACHE
  • Katie NORWELL
  • Camilo BLANCO
  • Gloria JACOB
Elected Member Candidates
  • Kylie UNKOVICH
  • Andy BARROW
  • Lorraine BUTSON
  • Lewis KEW MING
  • George PITT
  • Eva BARTHO
  • Gary SILCOCK
  • Tekohi RIVERA
  • Louise NEWBERY
  • Lincoln TAVO
  • David ECKHART
  • Tim TURNER
  • George DACCACHE



Hi my name is Peter Carter and I am the current Mayor of this great town of ours that we call Port Hedland.

It has been a exciting and very busy year with significant projects to benefit the local community and infrastructure projects and I look forward to continuing that progress for our town and our community if re-elected as the Mayor of Port Hedland.

I look forward to embarking on more new projects so the people of Port Hedland can make Hedland a great place to call home.

As a small business owner, I understand the frustrations in running a small business in Hedland and I aim to continue to work towards improving the towns image and reputation.

I know we can do it with the right council and the right team, we can make Hedland what it is - The greatest town in the Northwest.

Mobile: 0458 093 440

JACOB, Gloria

I have lived in Hedland for 38yrs, raised 2 children, operated business for 30yrs, served as Councillor & Deputy Mayor from 2011-2015.

I am passionate about our town & want MORE delivered for our community. I will be a MAKE IT HAPPEN, collaborative Mayor without agenda.

My term on Council attracted funding investment to Hedland and delivered:

HOUSING: Osprey Key Workers Village 293 homes.

DEVELOPMENT: Funding for Spoilbank Marina Project $152M, Lease of Airport return $205M to Council, Kingsford Smith Business Park Commercial lots approx. return $33M includes lot sold to Bunnings.

LIVEABILITY: Home DAYCARE services, The North West Festival. Housing, Childcare, Education, Youth & Family amenity remain community priorities, I will work with my fellow Councillors to build A STRONGER HEDLAND.

Mobile: 0417 902 717


Social Network Address: @GloriaJacobforMayor2021

BLANCO, Camilo

I'm Camilo (Milo) Blanco. There are many rumors about my time as Mayor, the facts are in the towns annual reports. I focused on real issues, living within our means, Industry now pay rates, we paid out debt, increased expenditure on assets to 40+million a year, paving the way to the towns transformation. I demanded action with and tackled child sex abuse, crime, police resources, alcohol related harm, domestic violence, truancy, education, health services, housing affordability. The improvements to Hedland while I was Mayor, have not been achieved by Local Governments (LG's) across WA since Federation. All LG's across WA compete for the same state funding, we cannot remain silent. You know I can fight the good fight, the question is, do you want these improvements? If so, I am your choice.

Mobile: 0427 092 322

Postal Address: Po Box 780 PORT HEDLAND 6721



I have been here for nearly ten years and I believe that Port Hedland needs a new modern shopping centre and another High School. I can't promise I can make those things happen but I can promise I will work my butt off to try.

This is my opportunity to put my money where my mouth is, stop whinging and start making a difference.

Like so many of you, I want the simple things that would make this unique place that we love a little bit better.

Mobile: 0431 361 794

BUTSON, Lorraine

I have lived in Hedland 55 years, operated a small business and served as a councillor 2013-2015.

Issues affecting our community:

  • Mental Health: as an enrolled nurse 44 years, I observe the need for more professional counselling/facilities.
  • Affordable Housing: There is none! State and Federal Govts, there needs to be a conversation.
  • Youth Crime: A purpose built Pilbara facility, on Country to rehabilitate and reduce Juvenile Crime.
  • Childcare: State Government to fund more daycare facilities including before and after school care.
  • Seniors: A lifestyle retirement village with health care and physio facilities.
  • Performing Arts Centre/Cinema/complex.

As Mayor I would strive to work with a collaborative united council with a voice to action these concerns we experience.

Mobile: 0438 566 321

Postal Address: 50 Greene Place SOUTH HEDLAND 6722



I have lived in Hedland for 48 years and I am nominating for Mayor because I can lead and assist in providing a vibrant community where people will truly want to live, work and play.

I will strongly pursue:

The rebuild of the Retirement village where our elders can live in a safe and friendly environment. Work with Childcare services to better cater for the needs of our town. Also I will work closely with our indigenous Elders to make the best decisions, based on understanding cultural needs.

I will recommend to Council that Junior Sports be exempt from Council fees.

We should not consider building a new Civic Centre in another part of town.

We need to spend Rate Payers money on what is actually needed for our town to progress.

As Mayor I will work hard for all of our community!

Mobile: 0417 942 611

Postal Address: 26 Dempster St PORT HEDLAND 6721



RIVERA, Tekohi

Resident of South Hedland with wife and three school aged children, I am a strong believer in living where you work and giving to the community where you can. I work for a local engineering consultancy based in Port Hedland. Over the last thirty years, I have had twelve years’ experience as a local government engineer. Most recently as a Director Infrastructure Services for a regional council in New South Wales. So I know Local Government. Between those jobs I have worked as project engineer for main roads departments, hard dollar civil contractors and as a CEO of an overseas government corporation in the Pacific Islands. I look forward to the opportunity to serve Hedland residents and make Hedland more liveable and appealing for workers and their families.

Mobile: 0428 544 777

Postal Address: PO Box 3210 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722


Social Network Address: 


I'm a resident of Port Hedland having lived here for over 13 years, a homeowner, rate payer, community volunteer & councillor. I've earned Diplomas in Business Admin & Management & am employed by Main Roads WA where my responsibilities include financial management, contracts administration & procurement. I have been working with the Town & my fellow councillors in progressing a variety of projects & have taken positive steps to resolve key challenges such as the housing shortage, community safety & improving community infrastructure. I am looking forward to the opportunity of continuing to use the experience I have gained professionally, as a councillor & from my activities as a volunteer, to provide a positive contribution in improving our town & making Hedland a great place to call home!

Mobile: 0460 337 779



Port Hedland has always been my home. I went to Primary School and High School here and am now raising my young family here. Growing up in Hedland, I've seen the highs and lows, the many missed opportunities and the ever-changing dynamics and challenges that our town and its people face daily. I'm not only passionate about our home, I want to see positive changes take place and not just spoken about. Putting focus on small businesses, growing infrastructure especially for families to call Hedland home, working with our indigenous communities and it's members, allowing the people of our town voices to be heard and then actioning them to move Hedland forward. It won't be an easy task but with the right people in council, we can grow Port Hedland into the place we all know it can be.

Mobile: 0438 180 607

Postal Address: PO BOX 2211 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722



I have been a resident here in Hedland for six years and, whilst I am not naive enough to think I can make a difference, I do believe I can have a say in where we, as a community, should be heading for the rest of the decade, and beyond.

In my work here, I have heard many different opinions over the years of the Council, and it's various Councillors, and the Commissioner over that time. I have listened but I have never ventured to agree, nor disagree with those that air their views publicly. It's everyone's right to hold, and voice, an opinion.

If I am entrusted with enough votes to be elected, I will continue to listen to those opinions, but from the perspective of an elected member of the community's chosen body. I will endeavour to gain answers to questions asked of me, as a Councillor.

Mobile: 0438 934 219


Description of image


It has been a privilege to serve as a ToPH Councillor over the past 12months. I am proud to be part of a team that has strengthened the stability and strategic decision making for our town. My style of leadership has been collaborative and respectful. In my first 12months I have introduced motions and influenced Council to establish the following:

1) Youth strategy & Leeuwin Sail Ship Scholarship
2) Infrastructure investment; JD Hardie & Skate Park
3) Planning for world class facilities; Aquatic & Civic Centre
4) Championed community safety
5) Reconciliation as a TOPH Priority
6) Increased funding for the arts
7) ToPH traineeships & apprenticeships
8) Advocacy for increased housing and child care

With your support we can maintain the leadership and respect needed for success.

Mobile: 0418 683 771

Postal Address: 128 Kennedy Street



Hedland locals know me better as "China".

I have lived in Port for 25 years and have experience working in the Pilbara. My passion for helping the community has given me a good knowledge of what the people in Port need.

I have always helped the people of my community, young and old, with particular interest in helping youth, families and indigenous groups through sporting activities at my gym. The gym I run voluntarily and was subsequently awarded Port's "Volunteer Person of the Year" in 2015.

I have been employed at the Hedland Hospital for thirteen years and have a good relationship with the elderly patients.

On Council I would like to be the people's voice, put forward their needs and make a real difference to the community, because my life's purpose has always been to help others.

Mobile: 0456 685 940


I have lived in Port Hedland for 41 years have married here ,raised my 3 children and run my business in Hedland.I am extremely proud of Port Hedland and understand life in the Pilbara as a resident business owner and community member.

I will put these interests front and foremost when voted councillor. I stand for.

1)Sustainable development of Port Hedland

2)Protection and advancement of our regional way of life

3)Recognising and enhancing our multicultural community

4)Greater youth engagement

5)Bigger focus on local business

6)Efficient administration of local government

7)Transparency in decision making

8)Approachable councillor that works for the community

Vote Louise Newbery for council for a stronger Hedland

Mobile: 0458 141 974



I'm a long-term local teacher, volunteer, & this year council member, contributing to the positive development & wellbeing of Hedland. I'm an active council member, using my skills & expertise in communication, business & marketing to give back to the community.

Through my active participation & attendance at meetings, events, functions, & forums I have had the opportunity to listen & share local views, ensuring that the needs & requirements of the Hedland community are heard & considered, which are vital in the promotion & growth of a successful organisation which the Hedland Council is taking steps to rebuild.

I am looking forward to working collaboratively as a council member if re-elected & continuing to make positive progress & change to Hedland as a place of choice to live.

Postal Address: 1 Thetis Place PORT HEDLAND 6721



Pilbara born and proudly Hedland raised.

I provide a younger outlook on current issues affecting our community. I’m passionate about ensuring people in Hedland have the highest quality education, recreation and employment opportunities enabling them to remain here and thrive.

More than 15 years involvement in different sporting, not for profit and recreation groups has highlighted the importance of the people’s true voice being heard. If elected, I will work to expand my network to ensure that the needs and continual growth of the wider community are reflected in the strategic plans endorsed by Council. I place great value on the requirement for plans to be established to guarantee tangible outcomes which address community needs, contributing to the development of A Stronger Hedland.

Mobile: 0400 303 843


PITT, George

I am a Torres Strait Islander man and local resident of WA 46 years, and lived 21 years in Hedland. I am experienced in the civil and mining industry and have had over 30 years experience in working within the Justice and Court systems, Aboriginal affairs, and Heritage and Culture.

My knowledge and experience particularly in the matters of youth, justice, and heritage and culture will inform Council and bring diversity and strengthen its understanding of the people in our town.

I currently work at Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre and if elected I will work hard to contribute to discussions relating to our multicultural community. I look forward to bringing my skills to Council and working with the Council team towards A STRONGER HEDLAND.

Work: 0891 7223

Mobile: 0437 437 618


TAVO, Lincoln

I am committed to the Hedland community and have been for over 40 years. I have raised my family here and have previously served successfully as a ToPH councillor, advocating for improvements in infrastructure, services, and stability for our great town. My strong knowledge of local government process and thorough understanding of community, industry, and business needs will promote progress for the town through a calm, measured approach. I am proud of Hedland, and I’m eager to continue our success, ensuring a future for our town and all of our residents through an active role on council. I am always open to your comment; advocating for Hedland, on behalf of the community, and I thank you for your support

Mobile: 0400 191 950

Postal Address: PO BOX 2818 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

BUTSON, Lorraine

Port Hedland has been my home for 55 years where I have completed my education, nursing career and raised my family. As a health professional I see the struggles of living in the Pilbara and the challenges our town continues to face daily.

Many issues within our community include mental health, childcare, affordable housing, youth, seniors and our environment.

Struggles facing small businesses need to be adequately addressed for future growth towards employment opportunities.

This is OUR town.

Working together with a united council, WE can address and action these challenges affecting our community.

Port Hedland is the Engine room of Australia and has stayed open for business throughout Covid.

As a heritage town we deserve a better deal.

Your Vote allows me to be your voice on council.

Mobile: 0438 566 321

Postal Address: 50 Greene Place SOUTH HEDLAND 6722



I am passionate about improving the liveability of the town and will ensure council adopts a long-term view for our community and ensure plans and exist to achieve this.

I want Hedland to be a place more people come to live & stay. We need policy that increase flexible employment opportunities for parents.

I will ensure that council caters for our indigenous community through identification of sustainable programs and commitment to adequate support facilities.

I will influence the council to be more accessible to the community, so your voice is heard, and for council to explain its decisions.

I have excellent leadership credentials refined through a diverse career where I have held several senior management positions. This experience will allow me to walk the walk and deliver results.

Mobile: 0437 817 995

Postal Address: 25 Panjya Parade PORT HEDLAND 6721


Social Network Address: 


I have lived in Port Hedland for 48 years and I am nominating for the position of Councillor for the upcoming Council Elections because, I believe I can be part of a team to make decisions that will progress our town where people want to work, live and play.

I will raise issues such as the rebuild of our Retirement Village, look at provisions to source more day care facility services within our town, non payment of Council facility fees and charges for Junior sports. Regular meetings with our Indigenous Elders and relevant community organisations in order to make appropriate decisions for the cultural needs and services for our Town.

For a Councillor that wants to make improvements and ensure that our town thrives for now and the future.

Vote 1 George Daccache your independent Councillor!

Mobile: 0417 942 611

Postal Address: 26 Dempster St PORT HEDLAND 6721



I have been a resident of the Pilbara now 54 years and 22 years in Port Hedland if elected as councillor I will be helping to plan the future of Port & South Hedland for the future generations of the family that wish to live in the beautiful Pilbara and make there home in Port & South Hedland. I will be hoping to make better education and sporting facilities to service these communities , I would also like to see a new BMX track in Port Hedland and the establishment of a Police Boys Club to give the young kids more to do in their spare time, also try to keep the rates at affordable price.

Cheers Gazza

Mobile: 0429 608 196


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