Port Hedland Stevens Street Relocation Fact Sheet

Recent History

  • The Town of Port Hedland entered into a Joint Venture with the Department of Communities (formerly Department of Housing) in 1999, for a period of 25 years.
  • Since February 2018, day-to-day management of Stevens Street has been provided by Foundation Housing.
  • Prior to February 2018, tenants were managed by the Port Hedland Retirement Village Incorporated Association.

What is Stevens Street?

  • Stevens Street was developed to provide regular community housing with priority for aged persons.
  • Stevens Street tenants must meet the criteria for public rental housing.
  • Stevens Street is not an aged care facility.
  • The Town of Port Hedland cannot legally get involved with the daily care and medical needs of tenants. This is a private matter between a tenant and their medical advisors.


Why is Stevens Street being closed?

  • As the lessor, the Town of Port Hedland has a duty of care to ensure that any leased property is safe for tenants.
  • All buildings in the retirement village are structurally unsound. The original buildings are approximately 40 years old, with the last significant renovations undertaken approximately 18 years ago.
  • The safety of all tenants is at risk if they are not relocated.
  • Comprehensive reports which include a structural building report, audit report, electrical report, and a building co-ordinator all conclude that the replacement of the buildings is more cost efficient than upgrading and maintaining the current structures.
  • Reports indicate that the buildings will not withstand a major weather event.
  • Findings of reports indicate that the relocation of tenants is the recommended short-term approach.
  • Health and safety issues include asbestos, electrical issues, corrosion of structural steel and termite damage.

Why Osprey Village in South Hedland?

  • There is no fit-for-purpose accommodation immediately available in Port Hedland.
  • Working with the Department of Communities, Osprey Village has been identified as the best option available in Hedland which provides:
  • Friendly community feel
  • Public community open space with BBQ’s and seating
  • Community house available for tenants
  • Emergency after hour contact available for any housing emergencies
  • Preventative maintenance is carried out on all houses through-out the year
  • Daily bus service to Port and South – right outside the Village
  • Close to Hedland Health Campus
  • Where possible, tenants at Stevens Street Retirement Village will be located close to each other at Osprey Village.
  • Tenants do not have to move to Osprey Village, although this is the best alternate accommodation identified in Hedland. Tenants are able to make their own arrangements should they wish.
  • The Department of Communities and the Town of Port Hedland cannot guaranteed that accommodation at Osprey Village will be available after 31 January 2019.

Tenants will not be out of pocket

  • Rental terms and conditions will be the same at Osprey Village.
  • The Town of Port Hedland is paying for all relocation costs.
  • The Town of Port Hedland will assist with all administration items, e.g. redirection of mail.


Notices Provided to Tenants

  • All tenants are being encouraged to move as soon as possible for their safety.
  • The health and welfare of all tenants has been checked and continues to be monitored on a regular basis.


  • The land on which the Stevens Street Centre is located is owned by the Crown (State Government) and currently subject to a management order requiring it be used for the purpose of aged persons homes.
  • When the final tenant has relocated, existing structures will be demolished.



  • The Town of Port Hedland is not an aged care provider and legally cannot provide that service, as only an approved provider may deliver care subject to the provisions and principals of the Aged Care Act 1997.
  • The Town of Port Hedland will be seeking a partner to assist with grant funding for future works in early 2019.
  • The land at Stevens Street will be available if that land parcel is fit-for-purpose.

 Stevens Street Structural Documents

  1.  Email from Building Surveyor
  2. Structural Report
  3.  BOM slide
  4.  Electrical Report
  5.  Compliance Report