The Town is seeking submissions from Western Australian artists for an original, 2D artwork to be featured on the Marapikurrinya Park community pop up in Port Hedland's Portside district. This initiative is part of the Town's commitment to support artists, raise the profile of public art and reinvigorate Portside. 

Your 2D design could be the one selected to be transferred onto laminated, aluminium composite material paneling, affixed onto the front wall of the community pop-up container. Your design could be a part of Marapikurrinya Park's identity and the Portside district for decades to come, telling your story to locals and tourists to the area.

What type of design are we looking for? One which is unique and reflects one or more of the following themes:

  • Port Hedland Shoreline
  • Port History and Heritage
  • Families and youth engagement with the coast
  • Connection

Your design should be appropriate for all ages, social and cultural backgrounds in a public setting. Your design should complement the existing Portside branding, style guide and colour palette, which can be found below.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the design specifications i need to follow?

Your design should be developed taking into consideration of the design template for the container, which outlines the paneling placement on the container. With the exception of the window panels, there should be minimal impact on the design continuity when the panels are fabricated and installed, however you're encouraged to take this into consideration with your design. More information can be found in the above attachments.

what are the licensing fees and artist fees?

Fees for artwork licensing will be negotiated with the selected artist. There is a fixed price schedule for the selected artist: $10,000 ex GST, which includes research as required, artwork design, delivery of artwork design file in EPS or PDF format and two reformats of the design (if required to meet design approval from the Town and fabricator).

what is the timeline of this project?

  • 3:00pm AWST Monday 30 May 2022: submissions due
  • Thursday 30 June 2022: artists advised on status of submission
  • Friday 1 July 2022 - Tuesday 19 July 2022: selected artist to undertake licensing fee negotiations, contractual processes and final artwork proofing with the Town
  • Within 28 days of the final artwork proof being provided: selected artist to receive payment for artist and licensing fees from the Town (invoice must be supplied by the artist)

What should i include in my final submission?

  • A written response providing information on:
    • Your connection to the Port Hedland community
    • How your artwork responds to the site and the brief
    • Confirmation that you are available to meet requirements within the project timeline
  • Your CV (maximum of two pages), including a biography
  • Artwork examples: maximum of ten images of previous works including on each image the location, client, budget and any other relevant information (maximum of 10 pages)
  • Respondent information page
  • Delivery of high-quality design files in EPS or PDF format

The written responses should be submitted as one PDF maximum file size 10MB, as well as the high-quality design files, by email to:

Ashlee Groch, Events Supervisor, via 

what are the marapikurinya park pop ups?

The Marapikurrinya Park Pop Ups are a Town of Port Hedland and BHP initiative to help reinvigorate the West End with more opportunities for trading and public events. One pop up has been designated for commercial use, and the other for community use. The objectives of the pop ups are to provide a high quality and creative food and beverage offering; provide a high level of service to the community; introduce a creative and unique offer taking inspiration from the area and more.

What if i have further questions?

Please direct further questions to Ashlee Groch, Events Supervisor, via