SLAM Basketball

SLAM is a youth diversionary program which seeks to engage young people across Hedland with physical activity, socialising and educational messages from key community groups.

Run every Friday evening from 5:30 PM, SLAM helps develop some key values for the youth in our community.

These values include:


-  SLAM is open to both males and females aged 12 - 25. Because there is such a wide age range participating in SLAM we often see the older participants being positive role models for the younger children.


The competition format of SLAM sees teams being formed and then these teams working together to battle it out for the top spot in the competition. 

Youth Development

SLAM is run on a Friday night to try and encourage youth in the community away from anti-social behaviour and into a positive social environment.


There are so many people from throughout the community who make SLAM possible, whether it being through sponsorship, volunteering or donations. As seen in the video below, there are people from all walks of life who participate in SLAM. It is a great example of the community coming together.