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Online Form - 240 Mobile Garbage Bin Request (MGB)

Please complete all relevant Sections. Please note that only Property Owners or Managing Agents are able to request additional and replacment bins.  

Property Details

Please enter your property details below.

1. Request for one (1) new bin

Complete this section only if you are requesting a new bin. To request a repair or replacement, go to the "2. Repair or Replacement" step below.

Purpose of Bin

2. Repair or Replacement

Only Property Owners and Managing Agents can request replacement of stolen bins.
Bin Replacement Fees shall apply where a bin is stolen, burnt or otherwise damaged from nuisance. The Bin Replacement Fee shall be waived if a Police Report Number is produced.
Bin Replacement Fees shall not apply when damage to the bin is attributable to the collection truck or normal wear and tear, or upon new occupancy of a property where there is no bin onsite.
The Bin Replacement Fee for 19/20 is $132.


3. Request an extra Mobile Garbage Bin Service (anything in excess of 1 standard service)

Complete this section only if you are requesting an additional bin (anything in excess of 1 standard service).
Only Property Owners and Managing Agents can request an additional bin service for a property. A charge of $292.50 will be applied to the rates notice for the property for the additional bin service.

I am requesting Additional Bins/Services

4. Removal of Mobile Garbage Bin Service (must retain 1 bin service per property)

Complete this section only if you are requesting removal of bins (must retain 1 bin service per property).

I am requesting Removal of Bins/Services

  • A Classic Collection is the service provided to empty the waste from your 240 Litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) from your kerbside verge emptied on the specified day of the week for that area. When more than one 240 Litre MGB is collected for the same property from the vergeside, on the pickup day all bins serviced are also classed as a Classic Waste Collection. Each bin service, including any additional bins serviced costs $292.50 pa per Bin.
  • Premium Collection is provided to those owners requiring their 240-litre Mobile Garbage Bin or a number of Mobile Garbage Bins collected and emptied from within their property. For each 240 Litre MGB collected from within the same property on the pickup day they are all classed as a Premium Waste Collection and charged the service costs of $700 pa per Bin.

The Town of Port Hedland charges a fee of $132 for any replacement bins; this charge is billed against the property owner on the rate notice. 

Bin deliveries may be delayed where the delivery property address is not displayed, there is no police report number provided, or where dogs and/or other obstacles are encountered.

All bins must be placed on the verge area adjacent to the roadway by 6am on the collection day.

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