Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022 (Closed)



Have your say on Hedland's Creative Blueprint

Residents, community groups and business are invited to have a say on the draft Creative Hedland Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022, which is open for public comment until Tuesday 30 June. 

This strategy has been informed by 860 direct community and stakeholder responses, identifying key areas of focus to evolve Hedland's arts and cultural scene into the 2020s and beyond.

Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022 | A strategic blueprint for Hedland's arts and culture scene

The Town's aim is to cultivate an arts and cultural scene which celebrates the rich and culturally significant history of our region, as well as embracing our future. Grassroots art has always thrived in Hedland, with creatives across a variety of disciplines contributing to the artistic fabric of our community. 

What does the strategy contain?

The strategy is a comprehensive document containing background information on Hedland's geography, demography and community. There is a summation of the data gathered during the engagement process, the role the Town should play and the required strategic directions to move forward. 

What are the areas of focus?

There are four main areas of strategic focus which are then broken down into outcomes and priorities to action. 

These include This is Us: The Hedland Story and Points of Pride; Doing it Together: Being Part of It and Connecting Community; Value Add: Contributing to a Thriving Hedland  and The Unexpected - Fresh Experiences and Novel Places. These areas of focus are allocated to different roles and priority levels to assist in their implementation. 

What is the benefit of having a strategy? 

This is the first time the Town of Port Hedland has had a strategy for arts and cultural delivery, giving Town Officers and residents the chance to work together on shared goals and aspirations. It also means that funds can be allocated to projects which best reflect the views of local residents. 

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