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Bushfire Management

Fire Season: Prepare. Act. Survive.

The Town of Port Hedland is the designated Combat Agency for bushfires outside of the Towns gazetted boundaries, and attends and monitors bushfires that may affect person/s or property.

If assistance is needed by the Town of Port Hedland to control the fire due to extreme circumstance, the Town can contact the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) for support. Industry also has a vital role to play in firefighting during emergency situations, where person/s or property may be affected by fire, and frequently deploy their Emergency Services Firefighting units to assist in the control and/or extinguishment of the fire.

To report a fire, please call 000

For information on how you can be bushfire ready, visit our Be Bushfire Ready Page or the DFES website for more information.

Relevant State Acts for Fire/Bushfire

  • Fire Brigades Act 1942

  • Bush Fires Act 1954

  • Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia Act 1998


Firebreaks are to be installed on all land greater than 2000m2. Firebreaks are to be installed by the 1st of March and maintained all year round.

All property owners and tenants must reduce the fuel loads on their land by removing leaves and rubbish, trimming trees and long grass to minimise a fires spread.

Bushfires Act 1954 Section 33 Fire Order

Town of Port Hedland Firebreak Notice 2019 - Gazetted 30 July 2019

Fire Danger Rating 

The Town publishes Fire Danger Ratings for the Pilbara East Coast here on behalf of DFES 

For further information relating to Fire Danger Ratings please refer to the BOM website The Town of Port Hedland falls into the East Pilbara Coastal District

Fire Permits

Fire Permits are required all year round for any type of burning. Permits are free but must be approved by a fire control officer. Click here to submit an application for permit to burn online.

Things to do to make your fire safe

  • Have a 5 meter clear area around the fire
  • Have a water source that will reach the extent of the fire
  • Are neighbours aware of the fire and will they be affected by smoke

 For further information relating to fire permits or fire advice, please contact the Chief Bushfire Control Officer at the Town of Port Hedland on 9158 93741 or via email at