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Pre-Cyclone Season Residential Yard Clean Up:

Each year prior to the commencement of "Cyclone Season", the Town of Port Hedland does an annual free green waste collection, giving community members the opportunity to spring clean their yards and gardens and have their green waste collected.

It is important that we minimise the risk of flying debris during a cyclonic weather event.

Preparing for the residential yard clean up

  • Tree loppings are to be stacked separately from other rubbish;

  • Keep all rubbish clear of fences, water meters, power poles, vehicles and trailers, letter boxes, driveways and gardens;

  • Items must be cut or dismantled into pieces shorter than 1.5m in length;

  • Items placed out that do not meet these criteria will not be removed;

The following items will not be removed:

Air conditioners, batteries, bricks, building materials, chemicals, car bodies, concrete, dirt/rubble/gravel, fire extinguishers, food oils, flares, freezers, fuel, fridges, gas bottles, glass, liquids, microwave ovens, paints, pesticides, tyres - No Hard Rubbish Collection.

Be aware that clean-up crews will be working on local roads during this time. Please be patient and prepare to stop / slow when approaching a work area.

Please click here to access your free quick guide for the pre-cyclone clean up.

Advertising will be done prior to the Pre-Cyclone Cleanup to advise of the dates for the cleanup.