Floodwater Dangers

Floodwater Dangers

NEVER enter floodwater

The major cause of death during floods is by people entering floodwater. This includes driving, riding and walking through floodwater and children playing in floodwater.

The Town of Port hedland advises people to NEVER enter floodwater.

Floodwater may be deeper and faster flowing than it appears and often contains hidden snags and debris. 

Never drive, ride or walk through floodwater

A 'road closed' or a 'road flooded' sign means that road is unsafe to travel on. Find alternate ways which are free from floodwater or wait until the all clear is given for that road. It is safer to turn around than to enter floodwater.

If there is a flooded road which does not have a 'road closed' or 'road flooded sign', it is still unsafe to travel through floodwater.

Floodwater can also erode and wash away road surfaces leaving deep holes and uneven surfaces which cannot be seen.

Never drive ride or walk through floodwater - if it's flooded, forget it.

Visut the Main Roads Website for up to road road conditions

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Never play in floodwater

During and after flood events, we often see images in the media of children playing in floodwater - swimming, riding boogie boards, riding through and jumping into floodwater. This activity is highly dangerous and there have been deaths of children due to playing in floodwater.

Floodwater can contain things like rubbish, dead animals, sewage and other contaminants such as poisons. It is safer to stay clear of floodwater. It is not a place to play.