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Hedland infrastructure to get $800 million boost

Published on Tuesday, 27 September 2022 at 4:44:07 PM

The Town of Port Hedland has adopted its Long-Term Financial Plan, allocating $817 million into capital works projects over the next 15 years.

“This investment signals our commitment to making Hedland a place that people want to call home. It is dependent on seeking contributions from State Government and industry,” Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter said.

The Plan also allocates funding for the Town to help address housing and childcare challenges that are two of the key issues facing the Hedland community.

“Addressing these challenges will take a partnership approach across Government and industry. The Town of Port Hedland is committed to helping overcome these challenges – as a result, we’ve allocated $50 million to help find solutions to housing and childcare.”

Within the Plan, $10 million is allocated to helping find solutions for childcare, while $40 million is allocated to help address housing challenges.

The budget for capital works allocates funding for a range of projects, from recreation to arts and culture facilities.

“Now is the crucial time to invest to ensure Hedland’s future sustainability,” Mayor Carter said.

“A big part of where people choose to live is access to leisure and arts and culture facilities, as well as whether the environment looks nice.

“We’re investing to meet this expectation and hope that industry and State and Federal Government will partner with us to make Hedland all the more attractive to potential community members.”

“Our position as the economic powerhouse of Western Australia should be noted by our partners that have a great opportunity to be involved in an exciting period of change in Hedland.”

The Plan is based on an annual 3.5 per cent increase in rates to allow for CPI adjustments and funding to invest in critical infrastructure.

“The Hedland population is growing, and we need to invest in our community with infrastructure and amenity to service that larger population,” Mayor Carter said.

“With that in mind, the Council chose to include an additional 0.5 per cent annual rates increase to ensure we have the funds necessary to achieve our goals, taking the annual rates increase to 3.5 per cent.”

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