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Don't overload your kerbside collection bins

Published on Thursday, 9 December 2021 at 2:08:37 PM

Cleanaway have recently encountered a lot of overloaded kerbside collection bins that the truck cannot lift. We would appreciate the assistance of the community with the following:

• Please don’t overload your kerbside collection bins
• If it’s difficult to tilt your kerbside collection bin, it may be too heavy
• The truck can only lift 70kg
• Large amounts of dirt/mangoes shouldn’t be put in kerbside collection bins
• If you have excess domestic waste you can take it to the landfill for free, including the after-hours area.

If your kerbside collection bin is too heavy the driver will tag it.

Please reduce the weight of your kerbside collection bin and either wait for the next collection, call us to arrange a paid collection or take your waste to South Hedland Landfill.

Thank you

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