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Council endorses Wedgefield road network improvements

Published on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at 1:09:10 PM

A strategic and staged approach has been identified to improve the Wedgefield road network to ensure roads can withstand the weight, length and volume of heavy vehicle movements.

Council has endorsed the Wedgefield Route 1: Options Assessment Report (the Report) and will advance with the detailed design of preferred Option 1.

A fully compliant Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) network along the local distributor roads is the preferred design to meet road usage requirements and also address the geometry, drainage, maintenance and pavement defects.

The Wedgefield Precinct Masterplan highlighted that the lack of any road hierarchy within Wedgefield would make improvements to the precinct challenging.

Currently, RAV users choose their own route through Wedgefield to their final destination. This means that any road within Wedgefield could potentially be a through route for RAV users.

This significantly limits the options for prioritizing a road improvement program and demonstrates that heavy vehicles should be encouraged to use designated routes throughout the precinct.

A strategy and improvement plan was developed to address road compliance issues of heavy vehicle movements via the Main Roads’ RAV network, removal of verge parking and the remedy of drainage problems in Wedgefield.

Traffic analysis identified the locations of the RAV user lots within the precinct and this information has been used to develop a virtual hierarchy of roads within Wedgefield.

This hierarchy consists of Pinga Street as the main district distributor road and a series of loops which will be designated to local distributor roads. These local distributor roads will be upgraded to a standard which allows for RAV Category 10 vehicles to operate and turn within their own lane.

Mayor Peter Carter acknowledged the research contribution from Hyder Consulting, Shawmac Consulting and Main Roads WA to develop the Report and project recommendation.

“Advancing with the fully compliant RAV10 network as the preferred design option will best address traffic, pavement and drainage issues in the area.

“The most appropriate way of dealing with retrofitting design standards to older areas of Wedgefield would need to focus on localised enhancements, with the ultimate goal of bringing the whole precinct up to an improved standard.

“Not only would this be cost effective and will improve traffic movements, safety, travel time, drainage and future maintenance.

“The delivery of the required upgrades will be over a multi-year staged approach, with funding set aside via annual Regional Road Group Grant.”

The Town will aim to further consult with stakeholders through the delivery of these strategic improvements.

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