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Parks of Hedland

There are many parks in the Hedland area and when an event meets one of the following criterion, a booking is required:

  • Sporting fixtures and training
  • Events with over 50 attendees
  • If events are open or advertised to the public
  • If there will be any entertainment or structures erected (e.g. Bouncy Castles etc.)
  • If vehicle access is required
  • If food or goods will be sold
  • If alcohol will be consumed or sold
  • Personal training sessions or fitness classes will be conducted
  • Require access to facilities e.g. change rooms, kiosks or overhead lighting.

Waste removal Is the responsibility of the hirer, TOPH do not supply additional rubbish bins for casual events and must be organised externally. For bin number calculation refer to the event checklist here: 

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