Have your say on the Town's draft Public Art Strategy (Closed)

The Town of Port Hedland invites local community groups, businesses and community members to comment on the Town's draft Public Art Strategy: a framework to achieve a sense of identity and belonging through public art.

In 2019, the Town embarked on a period of engagement to inform the development of the Strategy. Three workshops were held with community and key stakeholders, specific Aboriginal engagement was undertaken and 10 social media polls elicited over 1,000 responses online. 

The Strategy provides a vision for a future public art program which is cohesive, engaging, innovative and authentic to Hedland. Importantly, the Strategy emphasises the talents and contributions of local creatives, fostering pride and community spirit. 

Why do we need a Public Art Strategy?

The Strategy will provide Town staff, Elected Members, community groups, businesses and community members with a framework for planning, procuring and managing public art into the future. The document provides key actions and objectives which stakeholders should work towards. Without a Strategy, decisions related to public art may be made in isolation without the recognition of broader contextual considerations or long term goals. A Strategy also ensures future budgetary resources are directed to the areas of greatest community priority. 

What areas does the Public Art Strategy cover?

Public art is a broad discipline, involving most stakeholder groups in the community to varying degrees. This strategy covers the collection, conservation and care, procurement, management, access, development and funding of public art in Hedland into the future. This strategy recognises the need to document all existing public art and create a working database, maintain existing art and identify the need for decommissioning works where applicable. 

What are the objectives of the Public Art Strategy?

The document lists the following objectives of the Strategy:

  • Improve and beautify public spaces
  • Boost tourism and visitor attraction
  • Celebrate cultural identify and heritage
  • Support the local creative community

What themes emerged from the initial community engagement?

A number of emerging themes were uncovered through the community engagement process of 2019. These include:

  • The Port Hedland community value their unique cultural heritage and natural assets
  • Public art is away of signally Port Hedland is open for business
  • Public art should respond to the Pilbara landscape and industry operations
  • 'Support local'
  • Celebrate the locals - diversity and belonging

How long do I have to comment on the draft Strategy?

Public comments close 4pm Friday 18 September 2020. These comments will then be incorporated into the preparation of the final strategy, which will be considered for adoption by Council in late 2020.

Contact Details

Name: Laura Hawes