Have your say on the South Hedland Entry Statement (Closed)

Proposed South Hedland Entry Statement works

What is this consultation?

On Wednesday 25 March, Council endorsed the proposed South Hedland Entry Statement works to be released for public comment until 9 April 2020. The comments received during this time will inform the final items to be deliberated at the April Ordinary Council Meeting. 

What is the objective of the proposed works?

The proposed works are to be undertaken on Hamilton Road between Hedland Senior High School and Forrest Circle in South Hedland. The works are intended to deliver on the objectives of the Town's Public Open Space (POS) Strategy: improve the amenity, accessibility and functionality of public open spaces. It is envisaged that the South Hedland Entry Statement landscaping works will add value to the community by improving the visual aesthetics, reputation and perception of South Hedland. 

What is involved in the proposed works?

  • Planting out of embankments
  • Drinking fountains
  • Lighting
  • Public art element
  • Planting of low maintenance ground covers and grasses
  • Kerbing, irrigation and landscaping upgrades and repairs
  • Planting of established trees to form an avenue
  • Protection of existing trees
  • Alternating bands of laid turf and cracker dust
  • Feature planting
  • Seating nodes with shade structures, concrete seating and retaining walls
  • Decorative paving
  • Pathway linking to Spinifex Hill Studio

Click here to review the proposed designs, from page 356: https://www.porthedland.wa.gov.au/council-meetings/ordinary-council-meeting/ordinary-council-meeting-25-march-2020/130/documents/attachments.pdf