Have your say on the proposed upgrade of the West End (Closed)

Proposed amenity upgrade of the West End

What is this consultation?

On Wednesday 25 March, Council endorsed the Right Foot Forward (RFF) scoping document for the West End Amenity Upgrade to be released for public comment until 9 April 2020. This document includes proposed amenity upgrades for the Port Hedland West End precinct, delivering on the objectives of the Town's Public Open Space (POS) Strategy. One of the objectives of the Town's POS Strategy is to identify opportunities to improve the amenity, accessibility and functionality of public open space in Hedland. You are now invited to have your say on the proposed amenity upgrade.

What is in the document developed by RFF?

The document is a high-level scope of all the elements needed to upgrade the West End. Stage 1 focuses on streetscapes, verges and traffic islands west of Withnell Street, and Stage 2 focuses on the streetscapes, verges and traffic islands between Withnell Street and Taplin Street.

Town staff liaised with RFF, BHP and PPA to form an agreement on the preferred objectives and outcomes of the project. The scoping document includes the following deliverables:

  • Planting out streetscapes, verges and traffic islands with low maintenance ground covers and grasses
  • Irrigation audit, repairs and installation
  • Planting and relocation of street trees
  • Removal of poor performing street tres
  • Laying of turf and cracker dust
  • Paving
  • Installation of footpaths
  • Rock-pitching
  • Footpath linkage of The Esplanade and Richardson Street

What is the point of upgrading the West End?

The West End is a historical precinct in Port Hedland, supporting the logistical and operational requirements of the world's largest bulk exporting port, as well as an extensive pathway and public open space network for locals and tourists alike. There are several sections of footpath which are not up to an acceptable standard, posing a safety risk for footpath users. 

Where can I find more information? 

Click here to access the RFF scoping document: https://www.porthedland.wa.gov.au/council-meetings/ordinary-council-meeting/ordinary-council-meeting-25-march-2020/130/documents/attachments.pdf