Draft Parks and Paths Strategy (Closed)

The Town of Port Hedland’s draft Parks and Paths Strategy is now available for feedback, giving residents the opportunity to have a say on the future of public space development.

The draft strategy provides both a detailed assessment of the Town’s existing parks and paths and future provisions.  The purpose of the strategy is to:

  • Review the overall quantity and quality of Public Open Spaces (POS) and paths
  • To establish a framework for the assessment of existing POS and Paths that considers accepted industry standards as well as recognising the sites location and context
  • To review the current status of individual POS and Paths through site investigations and mapping of each park
  • To review the current level of service required for each POS and make recommendations as to any changes in the physical environment and / levels of service
  • To identify gaps within the POS and Path network and make recommendations as to the provision of additional POS or path connections
  • To review the current funding mechanisms for ongoing maintenance of POS and Paths within the ToPH
  • To review future development, the requirements for additional POS and / path connections and any recommended strategies to ensure the POS and path network is optimised as a holistic entity

The Town currently maintains over 30 recreational and communal public spaces across Port and South Hedland, contributing to residents’ health and wellbeing.

Click here to access the draft strategy. You can submit your comments below.


Contact Details

Name: Josh Allbeury

Phone: 08 9158 9319

Email: eplanning@porthedland.wa.gov.au