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Why is the project being rolled out?

South Hedland Skate Park (Park) is one of Australia's largest and most advanced skate parks, serving as a key hub for Hedland's youth. It offers youth a dedicated space where they can keep active and engaged year round. 

Shade structures over the Park have been eagerly anticipated by the Hedland community for years. These structures will encourage increased use of one the Town's most loved community spaces, satisfying demand for more shade at community facilities.

Pilbara summers regularly exceed 40 degrees Celsius. These extreme conditions often limit the time unshaded outdoor public facilities are used during hotter months. 

The structure will provide significant shade over existing infrastructure, embedding support poles into the park. The creative design will provide South Hedland pedestrians and drivers with a novel focal point near the town centre, incorporating modern art into the structure's walls.

The project delivers a number of objectives in the Town's Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 (SCP), including that facilities and community infrastructure are revitalised across town.

Key Benefits

  • 80% shade coverage achieved over 3 stages of construction
  • Providing significant, sun-safe shade over existing infrastructure to benefit youth
  • Embedding support poles into the park
  • Utilising and enhancing existing assets
  • Providing pedestrians and drivers with a novel focal point
  • Opportunity for public art installation
  • LED lighting for night-time activity
  • Supports 140 jobs during construction

Construction Timeline

  • Construction due to be completed in late 2021

Project Partners

The Town is seeking funding partners to contribute $3.4 million to complete stages 2 and 3 and fully enclose the canopies with cladding and include interactive LED lighting for night-time activity.

This will ensure the new structures will deliver a higher amenity while complimenting the inherent characteristics of the park.

The Town will contribute $1.6 million to the projects, with Government / Industry contribution totaling $3.4 million.