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Why is the project being rolled out?

The South Hedland Cemetery is an important place for the community to visit, where people come and pay their respects. The Town's aim with the site upgrade is to provide the community with a cemetery that allows visitors to have a sense of peace and serenity when they visit.

Planned upgrades are sensitive to the landscape and will provide a reflection of the unique Pilbara landscape, and consideration has been given to the diverse religions and cultures present in the community.

The Cemetery is one of two cemeteries located in Hedland: the other being the old Port Hedland Cemetery. The Port Hedland Cemetery is a historical site and does not admit burials. 

The Town has allocated $900,000 in the annual capital works budget to fund stage 1 works. 

Has there been community consultation for the project?

During the Strategic Community Plan consultation process, the Town uncovered a local interest in upgrading Hedland's infrastructure assets. Community sentiment was uncovered to upgrade the Cemetery site so that visitors could enjoy a more serene and peaceful space.


Tuesday 17 August 2021
Concreting works commence at South Hedland Cemetery Entrance
Please be advised that concreting works will commence today at the entrance of South Hedland Cemetery.
Visitors will not be able to access the main entrance for the duration of works. Instead, please use the pedestrian access points located around the Cemetery’s boundary.
Please be mindful of workers, signage and machinery in the area and do not access the main entrance – we thank the community for their patience.
These works are part of the site’s stage 1 upgrade, representing a $900,000 investment by the Town to make the Cemetery more inviting and serene.

PHOTO GALLERY (updated November 2021)

Key Benefits

  • A peaceful and serene space for local residents to pay their respects.
  • Improved visitor comfort and tranquility.
  • The path system which allows pedestrian access to plots will be consolidated to the north-south access.
  • Existing pathways in poor condition will be upgraded to be universally accessible (where possible).
  • Seating areas throughout the cemetery will provide space to rest and reflect.
  • Landscape treatments will create a cohesive and harmonious space requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Landscape planting to provide more shade and soften the space.
  • Plants at the car park and entrance will make a positive entry statement.
  • Wayfinding signage will be installed.
  • The entrance will include a sculpture, serving as an entry statement.

Construction Timeline

  • Stage 1 works started in May 2021, funded through a capital works budget of $900,000.
  • The entire site upgrade will be staged over 5 years.

Project Partners

The South Hedland Cemetery upgrade is made possible by the Town of Port Hedland, Yurra and ULDA.