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Parking & Abandoned Vehicles

Impounding of Abandoned Vehicles

Where a report has been received about or a Ranger finds a vehicle that is unlawfully parked or could be considered to be abandoned, unregistered or disused, the Ranger can impound that vehicle.

In accordance in with the Parking Local Law the Ranger will initially place a 24 hour notice on the vehicle advising the owner of their responsibilities and of the intention to impound the vehicle if it is not removed or relocated to private property.

If your vehicle has been stickered with a 24 hour notice and you require additional time to move your vehicle please call Ranger Services on 9158 9300 to discuss the matter.

Recovery of Impounded Vehicles

All vehicles that are impounded by a Ranger are taken to the Town's impound yard. Impounded vehicles may be recovered after paying the costs of their removal and impounding, plus storage & administration fees.

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded, please contact Ranger Services on 9158 9300. If it has been confirmed that the vehicle has been impounded, payment of fees are to be made before the vehicle can be collected.

You will also need to provide proof of ownership, such as registration papers for the vehicle.

Please note enclosed shoes must be worn when you are collecting a vehicle from out impound yard.

Sale of impounded Vehicles

The Town may dispose of an impounded vehicle that not been claimed within three (3) months of the impounding date. Impounded vehicles are usually sold by public auction in April & October each year.