Become a Member of the Spoilbank Community Reference Group (SCRG)

The 2019 WA State Government committed $95 million to the Spoilbank Marina Development Project in Port Hedland, securing its future realisation.

Now, the work begins between a large group of local and state wide stakeholders to ensure this long anticipated project delivers the maximum economic and social benefits for the town and region for the decades to come.  

The SCRG will provide stakeholder input and advice regarding the ongoing development of the Spoilbank Marina Project, with a focus on the landside development component. The Town and State Government are in agreement that the final designs and construction need to be informed by the attitudes and desires of local business and residents.

The unique aspect to this development is its potential to provide significant economic activation for the area, fostering job creation and attracting a new tourist market. As well as the Marina, there will be shared spaces for community events, footpaths, parks, space for trading and more. Usability, functionality and alignment with the natural environment are key guiding principles.

Why be a part of the SCRG?

This is the best opportunity for residents, business and community organisations to be a part of the project’s decision making process. Although the SCRG is not a decision making body, it will still provide advice on particular matters to the Land Activation Working Group. The predominant aim of the SCRG is to provide a user centric perspective on the Marina, informing all aspects of its conceptualisation, design and construction. If you have any concerns about the direction the project is going, you will be able to voice your views as a member of the SCRG.

As a Member of the SCRG, what do I have to do?

In order to become a member, you have to demonstrate an interest or area of expertise relevant to the marina project or demonstrate an involvement in the community. Once a member, you will be required to attend all meetings, fairly represent your own or organisation’s views, contact the chair should you not be able to attend meetings and disseminate information on the project to the broader community.

When is the cut off to submit my application to become a member?

Applications to become a member are open until 4.30pm Friday 14 June 2019. 

Click here to access the SCRG Terms of Reference.

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