Pedestrian Access Ways 

Pedestrian Access Ways (PAWs) are a means of providing unimpeded movement for pedestrians and cyclists around residential neighbourhoods. They were introduced following the change from traditional grid pattern road layouts toward designs based on cul-de-sacs and loop roads.

PAWs are often used to locate public infrastructure such as water, sewers, gas pipes and electrical cables. They can play a critical role in the pedestrian and cycle network, however can also attract anti-social behaviour, be deleterious to amenity and suffer from a lack of regular maintenance and, in some cases, remain undeveloped and not used by the public.

The Town is developing a PAW Strategy to help determine which PAWs should remain open, which should be closed and which require maintenance or upgrades. A classification system will be established identifying each PAW as either essential, retain or non-essential.

Above: Examples of PAWs in Hedland. 

Your thoughts on PAWs

To inform the preparation of the PAW strategy, we'd like to hear your thoughts on which PAWs in Hedland should remain open, which should be closed and which require maintenance or upgrades. Click below to access the Social Pinpoint survey to submit your thoughts on Hedland's PAWs. 


Many areas in both Port and South Hedland rely on PAWs to provide pedestrian and cycle access between cul-de-sacs, over drainage reserves, to primary schools and to traverse parcels of vacant Crown Land.

In response to enquiries regarding PAWs, this strategy was conducted to:

  • Evaluate all PAWs to establish a classification system to assist Council in its consideration of applications to close PAWs
  • Consider whether some PAWs should be informally closed (fenced off); and
  • Determine whether increased maintenance or infrastructure upgrades are required for certain PAWs

town's paws

The PAWs in South Hedland are located in the Walnut Grove, Lawson, Shellborough and Cassia cells, being the four nuclei of the original Radburn subdivision style. PAWs in Port Hedland are located in Pretty Pool and Cooke Point.

The principle feature of that style was the continuous open space network and the inward facing streets, designed to achieve separation between vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian paths were designed to connect homes with schools, shops and all facilities without crossing roads.

Click here to view a map of the PAWs in South Hedland.

wapc directions

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is the determining authority in regards to PAW closures. The Town may only make recommendations. In October 2009, WAPC endorsed Procedure for the closure of Pedestrian Access Ways - Planning Guidelines and Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in Pedestrian Access Ways - Planning Guidelines, which replaced Planning Bulletin 57.

The closure procedure is based on the concept of a PAW Strategy. The procedure for the closure of a PAW sets out:

  • the procedure for PAW closure requests in accordance with a WAPC endorsed PAW Strategy; and
  • Appendix 1 sets out the suggested preparation of a PAW strategy