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South Hedland Place Plan

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what is placemaking?

Placemaking is both an ethos and a practical application to improving places. It focuses on collaboration, communication, connections and mutual responsibilities for creating places that people love and feel connected to. 

‘Place’ is an important organising principle that can cut across disciplines, silos and business as usual processes and provides for improved outcomes. It can provide a ‘silo-breaker’ within and between government agencies. Creating great places and a strong community is everyone’s responsibility, both within government and within the community. Therefore, getting it right should begin with an investment in a place and a people-first approach.

Placemaking and place activation is best accomplished by working with the community. A community-led approach, which thinks holistically to put place first through organised actions that are determined and acted on by all users of the place, including residents, businesses and government administration are more resilient, effective and accepted by the community than those that take a top-down approach. As a community-led planning process, community and stakeholders have a greater say in what happens within their local area. They are empowered to be co-contributors to the way a place looks, feels and is managed.

what is a place plan?

Unlike conventional master plans, a place plan doesn’t necessarily include a spatial resolution or land use plan. Its main point of difference from a conventional master planning process is the inclusion of community needs and aspirations to inform any future design.

The Place Plan, therefore, defines a community-led vision and builds a road map to achieving that vision through a list of actions, activation guidance and place management tools. It typically consists of an Action List, Delivery Matrix, and Place Management Strategy. The Action List forms a framework to organise the aspirations and ideas of residents, government stakeholders and businesses.

activate south hedland (#ASH) town team

Activate South Hedland (ASH) are South Hedland’s newly formed Town Team, who aim to activate South Hedland with inclusive events through meaningful connections.

Their debut event Chalk+Bake is being held on Saturday 30 April 2022.

To see how you can get involved, please email:

Placemaking grants

Placemaking is the process of transforming public spaces into engaging, attractive and functional places where residents can connect, participate and thrive. The Town of Port Hedland (the Town) is committed to creating vibrant, inclusive and sustainable communities through placemaking initiatives.

The Placemaking grant encourages visitation, increase beautification and activation of the streetscape and builds stronger connections between community and place. The grant supports business-led and community-led initiatives to encourage local communities, organisations and businesses to lead the revitalisation of public spaces.



The purpose of this stream is to support projects delivered by local businesses that will improve the shopfront of local businesses to encourage visitation, increase beautification and activation of the streetscape.


The purpose of this stream is to support projects that will enhance the public realm through community-led beautification and activation of public spaces. This stream aims to build stronger links between the place and community.

For more information see Placemaking Grants