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Buy Local, By Hedland

Buy local, By Hedland is an initiative coordinated by the Town of Port Hedland in response to the economic fallout of COVID-19. Right across Australia, small businesses are feeling the impacts of mandated closures, particularly across the hospitality and tourism sectors. Once bustling cafes, restaurants and gyms have had to shut up shop for the foreseeable future, as the government seeks to reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission in the community. For many sole traders, their one source of income has been stopped and they’re facing a tough, uncertain and stressful economic future.

Essentially, Buy Local, By Hedland is a business registration and promotional platform for Hedland based sole traders and small and medium sized businesses. By filling out an electronic form with key details, the Town will then provide promotional support for your business and write a profile which will be published on the Town’s media channels. In particular, we want to highlight how local businesses are adapting to the new environment by innovating their operations to meet the needs of their customer base. The name comes from the desire to encourage local consumption to support local commerce.


Local government authorities across Australia are providing support where possible to their small business communities. Although there are many factors which contribute to financial viability, making sure people are made aware of local businesses and the novel ways they’re reaching customers can help mitigate the worst effects of a potential recession.

In-house skill capabilities at the Town can be utilised during this unprecedented event to help sole traders and small businesses ride out the storm over the next few months.


  • To provide a business promotional support platform to assist in softening the economic hit of COVID-19 in the Hedland community
  • To encourage local spending throughout the duration of the pandemic
  • To provide useful information to businesses throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as links to state government grants and resources
  • Where possible, to identify ways to assist registered Hedland based businesses with their marketing and promotional needs


  • Hedland based sole traders with a registered ABN
  • Hedland based small and medium sized businesses with a registered ABN


Simply fill out this electronic form, which will then be submitted to the Town's Communications Team. Before any information is published online, it will be sent back to you for review.

  • Hedland based small and medium sized businesses with a registered ABN


Business Name Business Description Phone Number How are you innovating your business to adapt to COVID-19?

Pilbara Origins 85

I take landscape pictures and sell the prints / photos - (on canvas, acrylic / glass, metal or framed.) I also do portraits and photo shoots. 0458362666

"I am adapting my business so my products will be available to order online. I will be setting up a website soon, so people are able to order prints online and will be able to get the prints mailed or delivered, to promote social distancing. Until the website is up, current available photos are available to be previewed on Facebook page: Pilbara Origins 85."

Pressure Force Port Hedland

Pressure Cleaning Specialists||Pressure Force Port Hedland provide total pressure cleaning solutions.||*Sales and Repairs of pressure cleaners|*Hire of high quality pressure cleaners|*A dedicated professional pressure cleaning team||Locally founded and operated. 0421231952

"Our pressure cleaning team has been busy sanitising exterior areas and assets for businesses and families. We have also been busy supplying and repairing pressure cleaners for other businesses who support our town. Mostly, businesses who need to keep equipment clean for not only for branding, but also for preparation of maintenance activities. We have been giving advice to many individuals and businesses on how they can sanitise and stop the spread of viruses. We recently sanitised the Hedland Health Campus exteriors and the entrance for the South Hedland Shopping Centre. Our team is hoping Port Hedland comes out of this pandemic unscathed and we all return to business as usual sooner rather than later."

Pilbara Towing and Tilt Tray Services

towing and recovery for all vehicles and machinery roadside assist 0407380407 "Towing and recovery for all vehicles and machinery roadside assist."

In The Mix Health Foods 

"Your local health foods, natural body & bath and sustainable living store in Port Hedland" |Founded, owned and operated in Hedland since 2015. 0451636929 "Continuing delivery service as is, most days available. I am also having video consults and showing stock through video calls."

Ginger Fox 

Fashion and Lifestyle Store 0402277748 "Fashion and Lifestyle Store."

Marapikurrinya Construction and Maintenance Services Pty Ltd ( MCMS ) 

Asset & Project Management| Construction & Maintenance Services| Trades & Labour Hire| Landscaping Design, Construction and Maintenance| Grounds Maintenance and Management| Rehabilitation and Flora Re-Establishment| Minor Civil & Earthworks| Retail, Commercial and Industrial Demolitions & Refurbishment| Rural Fencing and Construction|| 0409640636 "We have introduced new operational processes within our service delivery to ensure social distancing and hygiene procedures are part of "THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS". We have also adapted a "Trainee Nursery" for our Local Indigenous and Non-Indigenous workforce, where all employees are screened whilst working internally before being deployed to external clientele and projects. This process includes the training and utilisation of verbal and physical boundaries to ensure optimum delivery under Government controls and restrictions."

The Health Hub Hedland

Here at the Hedland health hub we are passionate about providing health and wellness services to the Community of Port Hedland. This is achieved by a fabulous team of highly qualified health practitioners.||Due to Goverment regulations only Allied Health Services are able to operate at this time. Our Myotherapist falls under Allied Health practitioners.|During normal operation we offer:|- Myotherapy|- Hypnotherapy|- ANH Cosmetics - cosmetic injectables|- Occupational Therapy|- Yoga|- Kinesiology|-Reiki|| 891732731

"We welcome you to continue your Myotherapy treatment for your own well being and pain relief. So, for your own well being, maintain the programs we have been working with you on. We can reassure you that the preventative measures we are using to limit the spread of any virus (as provided by the Department of Health) include: Washing hands with soap and water, avoiding contact with others, coughing or sneezing into an elbow, implementing social distancing measures, one practitioner working at the clinic, and our overly large waiting room. Frequently disinfecting communal areas, computers/phones, reception desks, waiting areas, treatment rooms and equipment etc. Hand wash available so you can sanitize your hands on arrival. We need your support with this. Your practitioner will be wearing a face mask and gloves during treatment. We continue to provide the best possible environment, and believe it is as safe as possible so you can maintain your treatment."

Pet Empire also Hedland Pet Sitting + 

Pet Empire |A small new (4 weeks) Pet Shop in South Hedland |Selling frozen food, Dry food and accessories for Dogs, Cats and Chickens||Hedland Pet Sitting +|Pet sitting and one on one Dog Walks 0401717461

"At the moment, I am desperately trying to keep up with the pet food stocks and start to provide chicken feed as well as people normally go to Karatha for that. At the moment the business is controlled by limiting access and pre orders and me contacting them that their product is in. I have plans that if stricter measures on residents is made, then deliveries will be done. But that I have to wait as that will cost me more than I can afford as having to pay for help and fuel plus the shop rent and expenses. Hedland Pet Sitting: I was a very busy pet sitting business but now I have lost up to 90% of my business due to lack of travel and holidays. However, I am remaining open especially if anyone should become ill and need the hospital or is taken to Perth for any emergencies, their pets are going to be cared for. My dog walking service is still operational in the mornings to walk pets for shift workers, essential service workers, the elderly not braving to go out and the ill. A business scheduled to walk pets lessens the number of individuals out and about all in the morning at the same time."

Kimberley Country Department Store 

Western clothing and accessories |Gifts, hats and shoes 891915316

"Restricted hours Thursday 10 till 7, Friday 9 till 5 and Saturday 9 till 2. 3 customers in shop at one time. Baby wipe given to each customer when entering the shop for hand cleaning . Desk and Eftpos machine wiped down with disinfectant."

Happy Healthy Thermie - Thermomix Consultant 

Independent Thermomix Consultant right here in Hedland. Available for sales, assistance and inspiration! We are offering virtual cooking experiences now too. If you would like to see the TM6 in action, get in touch. 0417995085 "We are conducting our cooking experiences virtually at the moment due to COVID-19. See the Thermomix TM6 in action from the comfort of your home."

Incite Conflict Management 

Incite Conflict Management is a professional and innovative business in the Social Services sector. We are dedicated to providing face-to-face services to the regional and remote areas of Western Australia. Based in the Pilbara we know what life in remote WA looks and feels like.||Our commitment to deliver professional services with realistic outcomes that benefit every individual is our passion. Working with a diverse range of people and assisting parties to manage complex issues is what we do best. As a neutral third party we will provide you with avenues to have the dispute resolved in a respectful, meaningful and cost-effective manner.||Disputes are experienced in all areas of our lives and where we do not have the ideal expertise in-house, we will connect with our large network of professionals to ensure that you receive exceptional service delivery. 0408 254 859 "All communication with clients is now being conducted via phone and online with Zoom video conferencing. We are currently building a website and enhancing our presence on social media to allow the community to connect with us."

Youth Involvement Council 

FreshStart Cafe / Catering and Venue Hire is a Social Enterprise Initiative of the Youth Involvement Council.| |FreshStart is a facility where young people can gain valuable experience and specialised industry knowledge gaining skills of daily operations within the hospitality sector.|Engaging vulnerable youth and providing holistic guidance in a safe environment enabling them to build confidence, achieve goals and secure a future in the Hospitality industry.|| 891401272 "We have adapted our cafe to Take Away only, so that we can continue to provide great food and service to our customers. Encourage customers to avoid using cash - payment by card (which means minimal handling of cash for staff). Extra hygiene measures put in place for staff - (encouraged to wash hands between customers, the wearing of gloves etc). Implemented Social Distancing signs & markers - (one customer at a time while ordering)."

Amy Mann - Independent Scentsy Consultant 

I am a sole trader that operates a direct sales business, Amy Mann - Independent Scentsy Consultant|I sell everything fragrance related.|- A safe alternative to candles & Oil Burners|- Scentsy Wax |- Diffusers & Essential/Natural Oils|- Laundry Products|- Cleaning Products|- Body Products including hand wash|- Children Products|- Pet Products||And loads more!! 0415072953 "All orders can be shipped directly to the customers door allowing us to maintain social distancing. Orders can be placed via my website or through myself directly."

Charmers Jewellers  

Jewellers retail, repair and Manufacturing fresh Flowers 61891731691

"We are opening our online store in the next week. We will try to operate as much as we can by delivering to front doors rather than hand to hand. We can still provide jewellery sales by way of electronic media also with a front door pick up or delivery service."

Pilbara Tools and Fasteners Pty Ltd 

Construction supplies 891401702

"We are adapting as per gov restrictions, eg social distancing with the main aim of keeping our doors open as long as possible and keeping our staff employed."

Veris Australia Pty Ltd 

Surveying, 3D Laser Scanning, Underground Services, Land Development, UAV, Terrestrial Scanning, GIS, Drafting 61862413333

"Veris continues to adhere to Federal and State Government implementations and restrictions as well asproviding additional HSEQ to each and every person. We are working on a 50/50 roster base in the office and ensuring our Regional staff are based and work regionally."

Care For Hedland Environmental Association Inc. 

The Care For Hedland Environmental Association (now on referred to solely as the Association) is a locally based independent environmental group that has been operating for close to 17 years. The Association has a membership of just over 160 members from Port Hedland, South Hedland and Wedgefield and has a diverse demographic of short term to long term residents, local business/industry, community and indigenous representation. ||An all-round community environment group, utilising a significant number of volunteers, over its' nearly 17 years of operation the Association has achieved much in the areas of: turtle monitoring, community gardening/organic food production, home sustainability, waste management, recycling, litter prevention, reef monitoring, migratory shorebirds monitoring, dune rehabilitation, beach renourishment studies, participation in community consultative groups and environmental advocacy. 0488907260 "All staff working from home.  Community Garden closed to the public. All Gardening workshops to be delivered by video. Including our Start Your Patch From Scratch on 28th March 2020. All our fantastic range of merchandise still available for purchase from our online store."

Bloodwood Tree Association Inc 

Bloodwood Tree Association is an Aboriginal controlled, not-for-profit registered charitable organisation that, for over 40 years, has been providing services for the homeless, unemployed, those affected by alcohol and other drugs and supporting vulnerable people in need within Port and South Hedland. 891383000

"All our services are operating currently. Importantly adhering to the physical distancing requirements, client questioning (ie are you unwell, been associating with someone who has been overseas and/or someone who is unwell), heightened hygiene and cleaning arrangements are in place. Face to face AOD counselling and AOD therapeutic group work is still continuing, as long as the above are met. Bloodwood Tree have large rooms we can use and are able to meet the distancing requirements and increased levels of cleaning throughout.  Bloodwood Tree's South Hedland Soup Kitchen is continuing to operate Monday to Friday 4.00pm-5.30pm. As is our Homeless Breakfast Program (Monday to Friday 7am-11am). Both Programs have the following in place:  re-enforcement of the need for good physical distancing (1.5m between clients's, promotion of the be at arms length from each other). Only two people at a time through the sign in area (each person arms length away from each other). Only one person at a time to receive a meal at the serving area once you come through the glass sliding door in the kitchen. Encouragement of good hand washing. No hand washing, no hand washing, no meal. Availability of hand sanitizer on entry to the Sobering Up Centre and mandatory hand sanitizing before taking a meal. Thorough cleaning of the eating area, including thorough wiping down of all touch surfaces. No staff or volunteers permitted to work if unwell. All our eating areas are entirely outside and there is good ability to physical distance clients. Bloodwood Tree has received funding from the State Government to assist individuals and families to return to country/home community. It also includes food and provisions for you back at your home community. It is a voluntary program and only for those that want to return home."

TSP Building 

Building and maintenance 0473142405

"Ensuring employees and myself are adhering to social distancing rules when attending sites or speaking with clients and monitoring our health and well-being on a daily basis. Where possible calling other businesses or clients over the phone instead of meeting face to face."

Glammazon Studio 

Home-based Beauty Salon 0418930453

"Due to being a personal service, at this time I am not able to perform treatments but I can still provide premium skincare and do consults via Skype future treatments. I will be offering specials to participating clients for when the salon re-opens."

Locket Photography 

Local and full time Portrait and commercial Photographer also specialising in marketing and content creation. 0417698950

"I have created a social media subscription packages where I photograph, edit, write and schedule content for small businesses and social media making sure they stay relevant, professional and seen in these hard times ahead. I am already working with a number of small businesses and can provide references, my work can be seen on my social media or website."

C&Hai's Cafe 

Cafe 0474506107

"Shorten trading hours. Encourage regular customers buying Prepaid Coffee cards. Take away style. Maintain hygiene, disinfectant surface, regularly washing hands with soap. Advertise more regularly through Social media."

Hai's Coffee 

Mobile Coffee van 0474506107 "Shorten trading hours. Encourage regular customers buying Prepaid Coffee cards. Take away style. Maintain hygiene, disinfectant surface, regularly washing hands with soap. Advertise more regularly through Social media."

Kels Crafty Kutz 

Promotional items - Stubby holders, key rings, etc|Personalised gift ware - clothing, keyrings, stainless steel drink ware 0415978860 "Offering post and drop off services."

Elljay Photography 

Newborn, Maternity & Family based photographer with experience in commercial, weddings and underwater photography 0437618577

Four Oceans Photography / Bobbi Lockyer 

I am an artist offering my skills as a documentary photographer, graphic designer and visual artist. I currently offer family and newborn photography under Four Oceans Photography, as well as offering commercial photography, graphic design and artwork under Bobbi Lockyer Creative.|I have extensive graphic design experience and enjoy working on artistic, detailed projects. I am very skilled in the area of design, particularly in illustration and painting, using a vast range of computer programs as well as traditional methods such as painting and sculpture. || "As I can no longer photograph events or commercial projects due to COVID-19, I will now be putting more effort into offering my skills as a designer/artist. I am also working on my new website for my commercial offerings as my current website only focuses on the family/newborn photography."

Allow Me 

Allow Me is an artistic creations business. Ranging from: Marcrame pieces, resin art and functional use pieces and laser wood creations. |Such items would include but not limited to: |Macrame wall hangers, plant hangers, table runners and key ring chains. |Resin: Wall art, cheeseboards, platters, utensils, coasters, kitchenware and other functional pieces. |Laser work: Custom cake toppers, custom signage, wall decal, baby announcement plaques, baby milestone discs, My first day notice board and other custom pieces 0499 604 149 "My business is mostly online. Custom orders usually involve a face-to-face meeting to look at colours and products etc but this can be and is now all done via online, FaceTime, msg pictures etc. In regards to exchange of product with customers, I can deliver and drop, payment can be made via online. Or customers can collect as I can leave the product in a safe location just outside my front door."

Tierra & Mar 

I sell all things earth and sea. Tierra & Mar is a Small family business we generally rely on the local markets. |We have an Incredible range of semi precious gem stones ranging from common to rare types , gemstone jewellery, boho house decor products, crystal airplants, crystal candles, beautiful seashells. 0433532181 "Basically it has come to a halt as I rely on markets, however I do now have a website which you can purchase from or also from Instagram or Facebook. I'm doing free delivery drops and free Australia Wide shipping."

Pilbara Boats n Bikes 

Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, Outboard, Caravan and Power Equipment sales, service and Parts as well as Caravan hire 891722279 "We are still just trying to adjust to the issues of social distancing."

Swiss Launderette 

We are a self-serve laundromat providing a service for the local community, small businesses and tourists. We have 10 kg washers and dryers and one extra large 18 kg washer big enough to wash king size doonas, mattress toppers and big blankets. The self-serve laundromat part of our business is open from 7 to 7, 7 days per week. Customers can use coins or cashless payment options to pay for washer and dryers.
In addition we offer a wash-dry-fold service where customers drop off their laundry and we do it all for them. Laundry is weighed and charged per kg, there is a minimum charge of $25.00 which is an average laundry basket full. Pick up and delivery options are also available.
We also do basic mending such as fixing split seams, taking up hems, sewing on buttons, replacing elastics etc. Our ironing service is also becoming increasingly more popular with shirts ($5) and trouser ($8) appearing to be the most common items. The service counter for these services is open from 9-5 Monday to Friday, 9-2 Saturday. Closed on Sunday.
0497035856 "We have set up social distancing measure in our shop and have increased our cleaning regime on all door handles and machines. We are planning to offer free delivery and pick up for our wash-dry-fold service provided customers buy a cloth laundry bag from us ($7) since all laundry needs to be enclosed in a bag for transport due to health and hygiene reasons.
We are also in negotiations with caretakers of several accommodation providers to wash their linen and the clothes of their guests. In addition have started to make masks for adults and children."

Pilbara Counselling IFS and Trauma Services