BHP Community Events Partnership

On 23 October 2019, The Town of Port Hedland and BHP announced a Community Events Partnership worth $1.23 million, securing a roster of events from 2019 to 2022. 

What does this Partnership fund?

This Partnership will contribute funds to a number of Town events from 2019 to 2022:

Why is this Partnership important?

This Partnership's funds secure the above events, contributing to the liveability and lifestyle of Hedland. These events are designed to engage local residents, spark creativity and celebrate the unique Pilbara spirit.

Forging strong partnerships with industry which benefit the local community are a key priority for the Town, now and into the future.

How does it relate to the Town's Strategic Community Plan? 

This Partnership relates to outcome 1.c of the Town's Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 to deliver "A unique, vibrant and diverse community lifestyle." The strategic responses to realise this outcome include:

  • Events and activities to celebrate the Town's cultural heritage, arts and Pilbara lifestyle are consistently programmed and delivered
  • Partnerships with industry and government to support events and activities are enhances

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