Recreation - Parks

The Town of Port Hedland is home to a number of beautiful parks and green spaces including the recently opened Marquee Splash and Play Water Park which is a unique and inviting facility, as well as the new and vibrant multi-use Town Square in South Hedland.

This section contains information about the many parks located in the Town of Port Hedland and their facilities such as BBQ’s and playgrounds. You are also provided with step by step instructions on booking a park for a special occasion.

Please note that as our parks are public places we cannot grant exclusive use of any part of a park and we encourage those hiring a park to harmonise with other users.

Parks in the Town of Port Hedland

Port Hedland

  • Marapikarrinya Park (Richardson Street)
  • Captain Bert Madigan Park (Richardson Street)
  • Koombana Lookout (McGregor Street)
  • Pretty Pool Park (Matheson Drive)
  • Yikara Park (Pretty Pool) (Yikara Drive)
  • Leap Park (Wedge Street / Anderson Street)
  • Port Hedland Skate Park (McGregor Street)
  • Art Gallery Gardens (Edgar Street)
  • Civic Centre Gardens (McGregor Street)

South Hedland

  • South Hedland Town Square (Wise Terrace)
  • Shay Gap Park (Trainee Crescent)
  • Koombana Park (Captains Way)
  • Daylesford Park (Daylesford Close)
  • South Hedland Skate Park (Wise Terrace)
  • Marquee Splash and Play Water Park (Cottier Drive)