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Local Government Act Review

In 2017, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural industries announced a review of the Local Government Act 1995. Phase 1 was completed in early 2018 and focused on Modernising Local Government. Phase 2 is concentrating on Delivery for the Community and is based around the themes Agile, Smart and Inclusive. Each of them has three categories, as detailed below:

Beneficial enterprises Administrative efficiencies - local laws

Community engagement - Integrated Planning and Reporting

Financial Management Council Meetings Complaints management
Rates, fees and charges Interventions Elections

Any member of the public can contribute to the review, please click on the link below for information and to complete a survey.

About the reforms

Local governments and community were invited to have their say on the priority reforms earlier this year and the drafting of a Bill which includes universal training for candidates and council members, council member code of conduct, improvements to CEO recruitment and performance review and a simplified gift framework is now underway. 

The next stage will result in a new Local Government Act and focuses on delivering for the community based on the themes Agile, Smart and Inclusive. It considers nine key topic areas and local governments and community members are currently invited to have a say.