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Showcasing Independent Talent at North West Festival

This year's North West Festival features a number of acclaimed local artists and independent artists taking the stage, showcasing the incredible talent the Pilbara has to offer. On Saturday 25 August, Bella Blakemore and Jokeria will be performing from 4.50pm to kick-start the evening's entertainment. On Sunday 26 August, William Smith and Megan Kelly will be taking the stage at 4.30pm to set the scene for the Sunday Sundowner.

Bella Blakemore

Hailing from Margaret River in NSW, Bella is bringing acoustic pop folk to the Festival. You can access Bella's Soundcloud here


JoKeria hail from Roebourne in WA. JoKeria stands for Josh Kendall Roebourne Independent artists. After playing in different cover bands over the years, they decided it was time to start playing their own music and tell their own stories. Their songs are tied into the people, land and history of the local area. Each song has a story and tehy want to share it with others.

Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly began her roots in small town country Victoria, Mliawa. From the tender age of 12, with guitar in hand, this country gal pal put words to paper creating lyrics expected only from an old soul. In years to follow, the Megan Kelly Gang was formed and the band travelled across the country, from the snowy high country to the steamy remote Territory. You can click here to read more about Megan.