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Hedland Public Art

Public Art plays a critical role in meeting the Town's Public Arts and Culture vision and goals, and contributes to an enhanced sense of identity, place and vibrancy whilst contributing to the quality of the built environment. 

The Public Art Masterplan will guide the Town's direction of future sculptures, murals, entry statements, lighting installations, ephemeral art and where they are best built, over the next 15 years. 

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The Town has contracted the consultancy Artify to develop a Public Art Masterplan. Artify conducted some in-person community engagement sessions to find out what public art the Hedland community would like to see. The survey is an extension of these community engagement sessions.

You can access the survey here

The survey will be open until 15 July 2024. 

Next steps

After the survey closes, the results will be analysed by Artify and included in the Public Art Masterplan. The Masterplan will then be presented to Council for adoption. 

Frequently asked questions

What is public art?

Public art refers to artworks created for public spaces that are accessible to everyone. It includes sculptures, murals, installations, and other creative works designed to enhance the environment and engage the community.

Public art can be found in parks, streets, on buildings and other public areas, reflecting the culture, history and values of the community.

Why Does Hedland Need a Public Art Masterplan?

Public art signals who we are, the value we place on creativity, cultural heritage and the natural environment, and our aspirations to be an inclusive and dynamic place to live, work and play. Public art in Hedland shares our history, brings our public spaces to life and creates opportunities for our local creative community.

A Public Art Masterplan provides a strategic framework for integrating art into public spaces. This plan will help ensure that public art projects align with the community's identity, heritage and aspirations.

What Are the goals of Public Art in Hedland? 

Improve and beautify public spaces

Public art in the Town of Port Hedland enhances the public realm by activating spaces, create pride of place, and increase safety through increased passive surveillance.

Celebrate cultural identity and heritage

Public art reflects the diverse communities who call Hedland home. Public art fosters community cohesion by sharing information about local stories and values, facilitating conversations, and demonstrating an inclusive approach to all cultures.

Boost tourism and visitor attraction

High impact artworks create recognisable icons for the Town. Public art which interprets local history and culture, can bring tourism opportunities by providing additional reasons to visit.

Support the local creative community

The Town’s public art collection contributes to the growth of the local cultural sector through both income generation and professional development opportunities for practicing artists, through commissions, workshops and artist talks.