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  1. A $20 deposit is required to secure your booking. Your booking is subject to cancellation should you fail to pay a deposit prior to the booking date. Deposits can be paid over the phone or in person at the JD Hardie Youth and Community Hub.
  2. All children at the JD Hardie Youth and Community Hub require supervision by an adult over the age of 18 years. Children must be supervised at all times.
  3. Birthday parties are capped at a maximum of 30 children.
  1. The fees for the hire of the venues and facilities shall be at the rates as fixed by the Town of Port Hedland in its Annual Fees and Charges Schedule. 
  2. When a cancellation occurs, the hirer is required to notify the JD Hardie Youth and Community Hub in writing a minimum of 7 days prior to the hire period.
  3. The Town of Port Hedland may, at any time, cancel any agreement for hiring of any venue. Such action would only be taken in the event of extreme necessity; notice of cancellation would be given at the earliest possible date and the amount paid by way of deposit and/or hire charge refunded. 
  4. Bookings are only secured once all paperwork associated with the booking has been completed and a deposit or bond have been paid.
  5. The Town of Port Hedland has an insurance policy arranged through the Local Government Insurance Services and affected with the Local Government Insurance Fund which provides insurance protection for casual hirers of Town of Port Hedland owned and operated facilities.
    • This insurance is intended to cover a casual hirer’s legal liability to pay compensation in respect to claims made against the casual hirer arising out of the hire of the facility. It does not extend to private cover for activities e.g., badminton, aerobics, dancing, and the like. If a hirer is intending to conduct these types of activities, it is advisable to purchase insurance independent of the Town of Port Hedland.
    • Where the claim arises out of the building or facility e.g., someone slipping or tripping on a mat etc., the casual hirers liability policy will provide protection for the hirers legal defence cost and legal liability to pay compensation.
  6. Hirers are required to ensure that adequate medical and first aid equipment is available throughout the duration of the hire period.
  7. The hirer of the venue shall comply with the provisions of the Health Act and any other relevant Act in force. If, in the opinion of the Town of Port Hedland or a duly authorized officer of the Town of Port Hedland, all necessary actions have not been taken to comply with the statutory requirements, the Town of Port Hedland or duly authorized officer may, prior to or during the function, forbid or prevent the continuing use of such buildings.
  8. In the event of the use of the hall being forbidden or prevented under the preceding clause, the hirer shall forfeit all amounts paid for the hire as if the hiring had been fulfilled and the Town of Port Hedland shall not be responsible to the hirer for any loss or damage incurred by the hirer.
  9. No person shall in any way damage, mark or deface any wall, door, furnishing or fixture which forms part of the hired venue or immediate surrounds.
  10. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED. No liquor, as defined in the Liquor Licensing Act 1988 shall be brought into or consumed in any portion of the venue.
  11. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within any enclosed area within the Town of Port Hedland. An enclosed area is defined as any area which features a roof and at least two walls. Any person or group found to be in breach of this will be issued and infringement. In addition, please do not smoke within 10 metres of the venue entrances
  12. No offensive impersonations or anything deemed likely to produce disturbances; riot or breach of the peace shall be permitted within each venue. The hirer shall maintain good order and behaviour within the property and shall be solely responsible for compliance with these conditions and for meeting the costs of any damages or loss of equipment. 
  13. Any authorized representatives of the Town of Port Hedland shall at any time be permitted free access to the venue and shall be given every facility for the enforcing of these conditions.
  14. In the event of any breakdown of services, utilities etc. no responsibility will be accepted by the Town of Port Hedland, but the Town undertakes to exercise reasonable care and precaution in this regard.
  15. The hirer shall assume responsibility for the venue and its contents on the date of such hire, at all times after the initial opening as required by the hirer. Responsibility for the venue will remain the responsibility of the hirer until the agreed finish time occurs.
  16. Electrical extension cords or appliances that will be plugged into any power socket at the JD Hardie Youth and Community Hub facility must be tagged and recorded as inspected by a qualified electrician. Hirers are to ensure that the test is current before operating. If the cord or equipment is not tagged or is not dated current the Hirer is instructed not to use. 
  17. The nominated hirer who has applied for the use of the facility is solely responsible for the conduct of all persons and any event or happening at the facility for the duration of the hiring period.
  18. The hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Town of Port Hedland from any claim or demand arising from or in relation to any act, omission, damage, loss, charge, liability, outgoing, payment, expense, cost, or the like of any party.
  19. The hirer shall not commence any action, notice, demand, proceeding or make any claim of whatsoever nature against or to the Town of Port Hedland and shall not hold the Town of Port Hedland liable for any loss, damage, charge, liability, outgoing, payment, cost, or expense in relation to the hire or use of the facility.
  20. Any noise generated at events should not unreasonably impact upon nearby residents by exceeding ‘assigned levels’ under the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. Under certain circumstances, where it is known that music noise (i.e., Concert) will exceed ‘assigned levels’ you may need to obtain a non-complying event approval.
  21. The hirer is responsible for obtaining the appropriate license/s if music is going to be used during the booking. These can be obtained through the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) & the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). For more information, please refer to their websites: &


I agree to the above Terms and Conditions of Hire*

I/We have read, understood and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Hire located on the ToPH Website. I/We agree to indemnify the ToPH against all actions, claims, demands, or costs arising out of connection with the hire of the facility. In consideration for the use of facilities owned by the ToPH, I/we agree to hold the ToPH harmless for any damages, acts or incidents that occur as a result of the above event held by me/us. Further, I/we assume all liability for specific losses arising from the event listed above and release the ToPH from all liability and costs incurred arising from or incident to the event. I/We also acknowledge that during cyclone season in the event of a warning or alert my/our booking arrangements may be compromised.
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