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Extract of Cemeteries Act 1986 Part V, Division 5, Section 41

41. Register available for inspection;

  1. A Board shall make all registers kept under this Act available for inspection by members of the public at times and places set by the Board and shall on request make available copies of extracts from any register.
  2. A Board may charge a fee for the inspection of a register or for providing an extract from or certified copy of an extract from a register.

42. Register to be evidence of burials;

A register of burials maintained by a Board in accordance with this Act and every document purporting to be a copy of an extract from such a register and to be certified as a true copy ofan extract by or on behalf of a Board shall be admissible in evidence in any court or before any person acting judicially and shall be evidence of a burial referred to in the register or copy.

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