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Online Form - Application for Registration of a Lodging House

Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911

Schedule 1

(Section 132) 


Description of Lodging House

Number of Rooms for Lodgers

Lodging Classification

Number of Rooms for Private Use

Area of Rooms for Private Use

Please specify approximate square meters of area

Area of Rooms for Lodgers

please enter the approximate square metres of each area

Sanitary Conveniences for Male Lodgers

Please enter the number of sanitary conveniences for male lodgers

Sanitary Conveniences for Female Lodgers

Laundry Facilities

Additional Details

Will the keeper reside continuously on the premises?


I/We declare that all details in this form are true and correct. Please be advised providing false information may be an offense.

An Application / registration fee of $250 is applicable to this application.