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A Classic Collection is the service provided to empty the waste from your 240 Litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) from your kerbside verge emptied on the specified day of the week for that area. When more than one 240 Litre MGB is collected for the same property from the verge side, on the pick up day all bins serviced are also classed as a Classic Waste Collection. Each bin service, including any additional bins serviced, costs $292.50 pa per Bin.

A Premium Collection is provided to those owners requiring their 240 Litre Mobile Garbage Bin or a number of Mobile Garbage Bins collected and emptied from within their property. For each 240 Litre MGB collected from within the same property on pickup day they are all classed as a Premium Waste Collection and charged the service costs of $514.80 pa per Bin. 

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