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Council has endorsed the detailed design report for Landfill Masterplan Stage 2 – Community Recycling Centre (CRC), building on the Town’s transition to more sustainable waste management practices.

The CRC will include a Container Deposit Scheme refund point, tip shop and drop off points for green waste and mulching, construction and demolitions waste, scrap metal recycling, battery recycling, E-waste recycling and hazardous waste.

$4,350,000 is available in the Town’s landfill masterplan budget to fund the delivery of the CRC; $150,000 of which is grant funding from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation engagement program. Funding will be delivered over the 2021/22 and 2022/23 financial years.

The CRC derives from the Town’s Waste Management Strategy, adopted in September 2018 to improve waste management and increase resource recovery and recycling in Hedland. The recent rollout of kerbside recycling also derives from this Strategy.

The Town’s Waste Management Consultancy Panel issued a Request for Quote in December 2020 for the CRC’s detailed design. Three responses were received and evaluated: Talis Consultants were selected and awarded the contract in January 2021.

Detailed Design

Click here to access the CRC detailed design