Meet the team - who we are and what we do

Are you interested in starting a career in Local Government? Are you fun, curious, passionate, creative, with an all-hands-on-deck approach to new challenges and opportunities to grow?

We have exciting opportunities for people wanting to make a difference to our community.

The Town of Port Hedland offers a range of employment options including traineeships, apprenticeships and graduate programs. Some of our major initiatives and events include:

  • Wanangkura Stadium
  • Spoilbank Marina Waterfront Development
  • Kingsford Smith Business Park
  • North West Festival
  • Spinifex Spree

We look for people that enhance our workplace by bringing new skills, interests, and perspectives.

Five of our staff members share stories on how they started in Local Government, what their roles involve and why they love working in our fast-paced environment.


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What is your position and how long have you been at the Town?
I’m a Business Partner for the Town and have been working for the Town for just over two years.

What is your background?
I started off as a HR Officer for a local transport company in Wedgefield with 700 staff in 2013. It was a very busy role, however very rewarding and a great learning curve for me. That’s when I knew, this was the career for me. Since then, I have been honing and developing my HR skills through formal learning and gaining on the job experience. I have held various HR generalist roles in the last seven years in a variety of sectors and coming to the Town of Port Hedland was my first experience working for Local Government. I’m currently working towards my Master Human Resources Management and my key area of interest is employment law. One day, when the opportunity arises, I would like to explore ER/IR specialist options.

What professional areas are you passionate about?
I love working with people, and HR is all about people. It’s very complex and it’s not the sort of role that requires a one size fits all approach. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges and working in collaboration with business units across Town. I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and look forward to partnering with business units to achieve this.

What projects have you been involved with that you’re proud of?
The two big projects that I was a part off in 2019 where the insourcing of the management of the leisure facilities that resulted in a 25% increase of the workforce, and being a key member of the Enterprise Agreement negotiation team for the Town. To have the opportunity to be exposed to projects of this scale was an exciting experience and gave me great satisfaction and strengthened my skill set. Having such a tight timeline was far from perfect, but we made it happen and I’m quite proud of those.

What would you like to achieve at the Town?
There are currently many projects in the works and it will be great to see the results of that. I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of the Town. HR is an essential support service across the business and we get exposure to some exciting projects that the Town has committed to delivering.


I am the Senior WHS Adviser at the Town of Port Hedland.

I am in the occupational health, safety and training component of the Town. I am passionate about driving towards minimal incidents / accidents occurring across the business, by ensuring personnel undergo on the job safety training applicable to their role.

The Pilbara is my 'go to place'! I have returned to the Pilbara three times in my working career: (Wickham, Karratha and now Port Hedland). Each time was a 10 year + stint. I call the Pilbara my home, I just can't stay away. 


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What is your position and how long have you been at the Town?
I am currently working as an Events Officer, and I’ve been with the Town of Port Hedland for five years.

What is your background?
I have worked predominately in administration roles including information & technology, safety & training, with local government. Following my completion of a Certificate III in Business, I worked overseas as a Camp Counsellor and Lifeguard over three summers. I started with the Town of Port Hedland in administration and since being offered a secondment in 2016, I have worked in event management. I’m currently studying a Diploma of Project Management, which is relevant to my current role and also offers a pathway to alternate opportunities moving forward. This study has been via a Town of Port Hedland opportunity and is one of the work perks available to employees.

What professional areas are you passionate about?
I enjoy collaborating with and promoting local services, suppliers, entertainers, etc. to build community events. I am innovative in my approach and I am passionate about creating new experiences across all types of events to enhance community experiences. A large part of my role is working together with key stakeholders, including building access and inclusiveness into Town events, resulting in enhanced community engagement and capacity.

What projects have you been involved with that you’re proud of?
I am extremely proud of our entire annual events program, in particular, two more recent Town activations; the Sunset Food Markets and the magical outdoor Twilight Movie Series. I have also had the opportunity to be involved in the development and implementation of premier events including the North West Festival and WA Ballet, which have allowed me to gain major event experience.

What would you like to achieve at the Town?
I am looking forward to continuing to refine and expand the annual events program to ensure it reflects Hedland’s diverse culture, environment and people. The ideal program will allow the community to engage and genuinely participate in all events. It will support local. It will provide community members with new experiences each year, whilst also invoking nostalgia as they attend much loved longstanding events. In doing this, our annual events program will continue to contribute to the liveability of Hedland and make the community proud.


Hi, my name is Kiah McVea and I’m the Senior Youth Officer here with the Town of Port Hedland.  This is my third year with the Town and I’ve been fortunate to work in different roles across our organisation including community programming and community engagement. 

Being the Senior Youth Officer has been an opportunity to bring positive change to our Hedland community, through the delivery of youth and children services, as well as building strong relationships with valuable stakeholders and community members.  

The joy of working with young people is that every person is different and unique in their own way.  I love supporting young people to explore their values, beliefs, ideas and issues, as well as develop their voice and help them find their place in society.  Our team’s purpose is to invest in young people and give them an opportunity to flourish and be the best person they can be.

Not only do I enjoy my job but I love the everyday lifestyle here in Pilbara.  Everything about this lifestyle is ‘easy’ – two minute drive to work, Karijini and Broome down the road, great fishing and camping spots, and warm weather all year round.  What more could you want?

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