Port Hedland LGA Local Government Election 2020

The Port Hedland LGA will elect 8 Councillors and 1 Mayor on 17 October 2020. This is a non-compulsory, postal vote. Even though this election is not compulsory, participating in the voting process means your voice is heard on the local government level. Elected Members and the Mayor make key strategic decisions at Council Meetings, steering the direction of the town into the future. 

The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) is the organisation responsible for running the election. Click here for more information. 

Key Dates


5pm 28 August         This is the last date you can enrol or update your details on the electoral roll. This is particularly important because this election is a postal vote, meaning ballot papers will be mailed to your details on the roll. Click here for more information. 
3 September Councillor and Mayor nominations open
10 September Councillor and Mayor nominations close
18 September Ballot papers begin to be mailed to electors
6pm 17 October Polls close 6pm