Community Funding and Donations

Council adopted a revised Funding & Donations Policy at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday 24 October 2018.

The objective of the revised policy is to 'ensure Council allocates financial support to the community in the most effective manner. This allows Council to be transparent about the types and levels of funding provided to the community'.

The rationale for revising the policy was to better target community groups based on interest and function, rather than having broad categories.

Applications must demonstrate how their project positively contributes towards the local community or encourages the development of local talent.

The Town of Port Hedland encourages all community groups and associations, including cultural and sporting groups, as well as individuals to apply for support through the Funding & Donations process.

Open Grants

The following grants are currently open:

  • Artist Development Grant

            Are you a driven artist? This grant is designed to foster and support the artistic endeavours of Hedland locals.

            Click here to access the application form.

  • Athlete Development Grant

            Are you motivated to excel in your sport? This grant is designed to foster the sporting excellence of Hedland locals.

            Click here to access the application form.

Upcoming Grants

More information about the following grants will be coming soon:

  • Community Development Grant
  • Community Collaboration Grant
  • Community Arts and Culture Grant
  • Community Sport Grant
  • Special Events
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Program
  • Seed Funding
  • Public Space Activation
  • Youth Leadership and Development Grant
  • Business and Tourism Innovation Grant

Submit a Question Online

If you have a question about the grants, you can access and submit an online form here.

Application rounds

Funding applications are now accepted all year round. Applications should be lodged a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event or program commencement date.

Applications are assessed by the Chief Executive Officer.

For further information please contact Cara Dixon at or Armando de la Flor Olavide at