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Annual Perception Survey 2019

On Wednesday 25 March 2020, Council noted the results of the 2019 Annual Perception Survey. This survey was launched in October 2019, and sought to gauge the community's perception of how the Town of Port Hedland performed across four key areas: satisfaction, belonging, safety and governance. 

There were a total of 895 respondents to the 2019 survey, with answers obtained through hard copy and digital surveys which were advertised in the North West Telegraph, local radio stations, website and social media.

The Hedland community identified their priority areas and shared their own needs and aspirations. The survey enabled the Town to keep in touch with the perceptions held by residents, determine priorities and make the best decisions possibles on behalf of community in line with the Strategic Community Plan (SCP).

In 2019, the overall average performance score was calculated at 3.22 / 5, a marginal decrease from 3.25 / 5 in 2018. On the five point scale, in 2019 the average scores across the four key areas were:

  • Satisfaction 3.41
  • Belonging 3.59
  • Safety 3.09
  • Governance 2.81

What were the positives uncovered in the survey?

The Town's efforts in community engagement and events were reflected in increased scores of satisfaction and belonging, pointing to a greater sense of community spirit. 

People indicated they mostly felt safe in their home during the day, moving around town during the day and walking in public spaces during the day. 

People also indicated a general sense of belonging, with strong scores recorded across feeling positive about coming back to the area, feeling a part of the Hedland community and expressing pride in living in Hedland. 

What were the areas which require more focus? 

The decision to suspend Council in 2019 clearly impacted the community's perception of governance across a number of key areas, with low scores recorded across Town leadership and the perception of an overall good reputation. 

Reflecting previous surveys, safety at night continued to be a source of concern for respondents. Low scores were recorded across the perception of moving around town at night and walking in public spaces at night time. This is an area the Town continues to prioritise and address, with additional installations of CCTV in public spaces. 

What is the Town focused on delivering? - (this may be impacted by COVID-19)

  • Safety: The Town of Port Hedland is currently in the process of reviewing and updating the Community Safety Plan. This plan is a targeted, coordinated and consultative approach to strengthening community safety in Hedland with a cross-sector collaborative approach with appropriate agencies.
  • Youth Facilities: Masterplans for a South Hedland Integrated Sports Complex incorporating Wanangkura Stadium, a renewed JD Hardie Youth Centre and McGregor Street Sports Precinct have been completed and are moving into the detailed design process.
  • Recycling and Waste: the Town is currently in negotiations with a contractor to provide a kerbside recycling service which is expected to commence towards the end of 2020.
  • Cemetery: Provision for implementation of the South Hedland Cemetery Masterplan is in the Strategic Resource Plan 2019/20 – 2033/34.
  • Library: opening of the new Port Hedland Library in the Port Hedland Boulevard.
  • Childcare: via a Childcare strategy developed in conjunction with the Hedland Collective, action has been taken through the reactivation of the South Hedland TAFE child care centre and transition of the previous Port Hedland Library Dempster Street location to a child care service delivery space.
  • Seniors: The Town has recently been granted funding for Senior Adults Living Triumphantly (SALT) program, a seniors wellbeing program for Hedland residents aged 60 and over, aiming to improve their health, quality of life and fitness. The Older Wiser Library Seniors (OWLS) program also received funding, this program will be continued to run from the South Hedland Library, as well as the new Port Hedland Library. The Town has also committed to rebuild the Steven Street site, subject to approval from relevant agencies.
  • South Hedland Dog Park: Council recently endorsed a corner of Marie Marland Reserve to be designated by fencing and signage for off-leash dog exercise. A permanent offleash dog exercise area with more amenities will be established as part of the long-term South Hedland Integrated Sports Complex (SHISC) masterplan.
  • Shade: Through community surveys, shade has always been raised as a high priority. As the Town is upgrading the Public Open Spaces and playgrounds, permanent shade is been provided as much as possible over shade sails. The Town is in the process of identifying options for providing permanent shade over the South Hedland Youth Zone (Skate Park).
  • Parks & Gardens: Completed all landscaping works at Marapikurrinya Park including the relocation and installation of ‘Bob’ the Boab tree as a key feature. The Town of Port Hedland Landscaping Guidelines and Irrigation specifications were adopted in 2019 and are available on the Town’s website. Landscaping improvements on Throssell Road.
  • Shopping Centres: The Town to continue to meet regularly with the Shopping Centres representatives to discuss upkeep and amenity of centres and surrounds.