Blue Alert for Port and South Hedland

Published on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 at 9:25:11 PM

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services advises that a BLUE ALERT is current for Port and South Hedland, where people need to get ready for dangerous weather caused by tropical low expected to form into a cyclone by preparing their home inside and out.
Although there is no immediate danger, you need to start preparing for dangerous weather and keep up to date. DFES advises:

  • Fasten all cyclone screens, secure boats, caravans, trailers, garden sheds, outdoor furniture, rainwater tanks and LPG bottles
  • Move vehicle under cover
  • Ensure pets and animals are in a safe area
  • Pack a relocation kit to be taken with your emergency kit
  • Be aware that shops may now be closing

The Town of Port Hedland is completing cyclone preparations which include:

  • Securing Town facilities and sites such as the landfill, Civic Centre, Depot, parks and playgrounds, securing loose items and removing shade sails
  • Checking and clearing drainage throughout the town site to ensure it is working effectively
  • Preparing vehicles more so that recovery efforts can be started immediately
  • Pre-treating for mosquitoes

The South Hedland Landfill is currently open as normal. In the event of a yellow alert the Landfill will close, however there are skip bins placed at the entrance of the Landfill during this time to ensure that the community can still dump any waste required to prepare for a cyclone.

For up to date information please visit and or listen to ABC Radio.

For any questions please contact the Town of Port Hedland on 9158 9300 or visit

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