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Mitigating Mozzies

Published on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 at 11:58:11 AM

No one likes these nasty morsels, so the Town is focused on reducing mozzies in the community.
As part of a detailed mosquito management plan, a fogging path in Port and South Hedland has been developed to ensure the most effective coverage of residential and commercial areas, while maintaining compliance with requirements to protect aquatic environments.
Unfortunately, this means that there are areas of the town we are unable to fog due to their proximity to aquatic environments. These areas include Richardson Street and Sutherland Street in Port Hedland and Pretty Pool, due to it being surrounded by mangroves and parts of Cooke Point which are close to estuaries or the beach.
For these areas, the Town deploys other methods to attempt to reduce mosquito breeding such as larvicides in ponding water.
If you live close to these aquatic environments, though fogging may not be a viable option, there are other techniques that can be used. These include the use of barrier sprays, some that can be purchased and applied by you or others that require a licensed pest control operator.
Preventative tips for your home:
Tidy up - mozzies lay their eggs in stagnant water, such as empty water around your property such as bird baths & puddles. They also hide in overgrown vegetation during the day, so having a clear yard free of water and harborage is crucial.
Fans - mozzies are weak flyers and cannot withstand strong breezes, so an outdoor fan can be an effective deterrent.
Repel - Basil, lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, marigold, rosemary and eucalyptus are some of the best choices to discourage mozzies. The use of common citronella candles, coils and repellents are also a critical part to protecting you and your family.
Pictured below: The Town's new fogging equipment in action early in the morning. Fog is dispersed across a broad area.
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