$1.23 Million BHP Community Events Partnership Fosters Liveability

Published on Wednesday, 23 October 2019 at 9:32:06 AM

The Town of Port Hedland and BHP have announced a Community Events Partnership worth $1.23 million, securing a roster of events from 2019 to 2022.

The Partnership contributes funding to North West Festival, Spinifex Spree, WA Ballet, Australia Day Celebrations, Community Sports Awards and the Community Christmas Carols.

BHP are committed to the long term liveability of Port Hedland by supporting diverse events which enhance community life for all families.

The Town’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 strives for a unique, vibrant and diverse community lifestyle, an outcome shared by BHP.

Hon. Commissioner Fred Riebeling said the Partnership signified a shared vision for Port Hedland as a vibrant, modern town.

“I’d like to thank BHP for supporting the Town’s roster of events over the next three years, securing their ongoing delivery from this year until 2022.

“The Town is committed to events which engage local residents, spark creativity and celebrate the unique Pilbara spirit.

“Forging strong partnerships with industry which benefit the local community are a key priority for the Town, now and into the future.”

BHP Port General Manager Nilson Davila said the Partnership further strengthened BHP’s commitment to the Pilbara.

“We know that social events really shape the liveability of a community,” Mr Davila said.

“Working with the Town of Port Hedland, we want to create some really fantastic events that will help to bring people together and build an even better community for people living and working in the Pilbara,” Mr Davila said.

For more information on the partnership and to view the video, please click here.

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