Army Reserve - The Pilbara Regiment - meets Tuesday nights

Tuesday 11th February 2020 to Tuesday 8th December 2020

Men & women aged 17-53 are eligible to enlist in the Army Reserve: part-time service, tax-free pay. Many roles on offer such as officer candidates; surveillance operators; drivers; logistics, communications specialists and combat first aiders. Operational service opportunities exist under Operation RESOLUTE. All uniforms, equipment, travel and training requirements are provided free. The badge of The Pilbara Regiment features the emu - a cautious and inquisitive bird that relies on camouflage to survive - and the motto 'Mintu Wanta' which was the first unit motto of the ADF to incorporate indigenous language. The colour patch of The Pilbara Regiment features the colours of the Pilbara region and is worn on the side of the famous Australian slouch hat. Your army, your way: The Australian Army - Army Reserve - The Pilbara Regiment.

Event Details

Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: 67 Wilson Street, Port Hedland


Contact: Major Guy Warnock

Organisation: The Pilbara Regiment - Australian Army

Position: Officer Commanding 1 Squadron

Phone: 0419 499 388



Event Date(s)

  • Tuesday 3rd December 2019
  • Tuesday 11th February 2020

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