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Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter states our commitment to you in providing quality services, gives you standards to measure our performance by and provides staff with clear standards to aim for.

Our service commitments are:

• We will make our customers the focus of everything we do

• Our service will be flexible, fair, reliable, and innovative

• We will show genuine concern for our customers’ enquiries

We Aim To:

• Act in a professional and attentive manner

• Answer your phone calls promptly during normal business hours

• Acknowledge your email within 2 working days, noting however that some enquiries may take longer than others and if so we are committed to providing you with timeframes for our substantive response

• Acknowledge your other written correspondence within 10 working days

• Respond to Town of Port Hedland social media correspondence within 1 working day

Under this charter we undertake to:

• Strive for excellence and take pride in everything we do

• Treat customers with courtesy, patience, sensitivity and attentiveness

• Provide clear and concise advice and information

• Have open and honest communications with stakeholders

• Engage in a respectful and appropriate manner with all sectors of our community

• Provide a comfortable and inclusive environment to welcome people of all abilities to our facilities and offices

• Consult with the community on major decisions that may affect them

• Be ethical and honest in how we conduct business, fostering transparency and promoting public trust and confidence

• Make ethical and impartial decisions

• Work as one team and actively share our ideas and information across the organisation

• Use information and Council resources responsibly and efficiently

• Act in accordance with the law and the Town’s Code of Conduct

• Provide information for public inspection in customer service areas including policies and plans, community information brochures and newsletters, Council meeting agendas, development applications and other information on public exhibition

Helping us to help you You can help us provide you with the best possible service by:

• Providing us with accurate and complete information so we can respond appropriately to your enquiry

• Being open and honest in your dealings with us

• Behaving with courtesy and respect to our staff

• Respecting the rights of other customers and community property

• Providing us with feedback

• Understanding that the Town of Port Hedland and it’s staff may exercise our right not to deal with you should your behaviour and/or actions be unacceptable

• Understanding that the Town of Port Hedland has a responsibility to report all threats, implied or otherwise, direct to the Police Department

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Officer is required to deal with FOI requests in accordance with the Principles of Administration set out in Section 4 of the Freedom of Information Act, 1992. The FOI Officer will:

• Assist customers to obtain access to documents

• Allow access to documents to be obtained promptly and at lowest reasonable cost

If you are unsure whether you need to lodge an application please contact the Town’s FOI Officer on 9158 9300 or email

We value your feedback

As we strive to deliver better service, we encourage you to give feedback. Whether you have a request for action, a complaint or a compliment, we would like to hear from you by:

• In Person: Civic Centre, 13 McGregor Street, Port Hedland, WA 6721; 8am – 4 pm

• Phone: (08) 9158 9300; For deaf, hearing, or speech impairment – via National Relay Service (TTY): 133 677. You will need to provide them with our number (08) 9158 9300

• Writing to: Chief Executive Officer, Town of Port Hedland, PO Box 41 Port Hedland WA 6721

• E-mail to

• Facebook: Town of Port Hedland

• Instagram: @townofporthedland

• App: Download and utilise the following Town of Port Hedland supported mobile applications; o Snap Send Solve and LocalEye