Waste Management & Effluent Disposal

Waste Management

The South Hedland Landfill Facility is a Class 2 landfill, which means that it is authorised to accept certain hazardous wastes including asbestos, synthetic mineral fibers and some potentially hazardous industrial materials.

If you require disposing of hazardous waste please in the first instance contact Environmental Health Services and we will advise you of a course of action appropriate for the disposal of your waste.

The landfill is audited and licensed annually by the Department of Environmental Protection. There is legislated acceptance criteria for all landfills in Western Australia and this information is available from the Department of Environmental Protection.

To obtain a copy of the Acceptance Criteria for Landfills please visit the Department of Environmental Protection website. If you have any further queries please contact Environmental Health Services on (08) 9158 9300.

For all operational enquiries relating to waste services collection, missed bin collection and pre-cyclone clean up please see our Engineering section.

South Hedland Landfill

Weekdays 7.30am - 4.30pm 
Weekends 8am - 4pm
Public Holidays Please see linked community notice 
Christmas Day and Good Friday CLOSED

Please note last entry is 15 minutes prior to gate closing time. 

Fees and Charges

Industrial Waste per tonne (minimum charge) $120.00

Industrial Waste per m3 (minimum charge)

Building rubble, bricks concrete, mangrove per tonne (minimum charge) $125.00

Building rubble, bricks concrete, mangrove per m3 (minimum charge)

Uncontaminated Metal per tonne (minimum charge) $28.80

Uncontaminated Metal per m3 (minimum charge)


Uncontaminated Timber Products & Pallets per tonne (minimum charge)


Uncontaminated Timber Products & Pallets per m3 (minimum charge)

Uncontaminated Putrescible Waste per tonne (minimum charge) $76.20

Uncontaminated Putrescible Waste per m3 (minimum charge)

Clean Fill per tonne & m3 FREE
Green Waste (Uncontaminated) - Commercial Contractors per tonne (minimum charge) $55.00
Green Waste (Uncontaminated) - Commercial Contractors per m3 (minimum charge) $7.70
Green Waste (Contaminated) per tonne (minimum charge) $88.00
Green Waste (Contaminated) per m3 (minimum charge) $32.40
Truck bodies and large equipment per tonne *must be cut up* $125.00
Car bodies - Cut Up or Whole - Domestic Disposal only FREE
Trailers and boats (each) $125.00
200 litre drums (each) $28.80
Caravans (each) $125.00

Grease traps, waste water, effluent (m3

Grease traps, waste water, effluent, per tonne (minimum charge) $82.50
ALL RUBBER PRODUCTS (per Tonne) $660



Analysis of hazardous waste may by required before acceptance $453.20
Asbestos fully sealed in plastic per tonne (minimum charge) $175.00
Asbestos fully sealed in plastic, per m3 $175.00
SMF - Synthetic Mineral Fibre Insulation - fully sealed in plastic per tonne or part thereof $175.00
SMF - Synthetic MIneral Fibre Insulation fully sealed in plastic per m3 $175.00
Medical & biological waste / Quarantine per tonne $175.00
Contaminated soils per tonne (minimum charge) m3 $175.00
Dead animals small animals each $60.00
Dead large animals (livestock) horses, cows, camels etc $175.00
Special document disposal (per Tonne)


Use of weighbridge only - Non Certification Weight ONLY


Weighbridge dockets - Reprint (per docket) $23.50
History Report per request $153.60
Use of Washdown Facility per truck - Refuse Trucks ONLY - includes cleaner $38.50
Relocation of Incorrectly Tipped Waste per hour / Minimum Charge 1 hr $412.00


All materials deemed by Council to be recyclable, must be taken to the recycling area of the Landfill.


The fees were adopted by Council on 26 July 2017.

GST is payable on all landfill/waste disposal fees.

Payment Options

For the safety and security of its staff and customers, the Waste Management Centre does not take or hold cash on the premises.

Payment of fees and charges can be made through a pre-arranged account or alternatively they can be paid at the weighbridge with a credit card or via EFTPOS.

To open an account, please download this form and return to the Town via email: council@porthedland.wa.gov.au  or mail: PO Box 41, Port Hedland, WA 6721.

Comments And Feedback

Comment and feedback are welcome and can be made to staff at the landfill site. It should be noted that staff operate within guidelines set by management and hence any dispute regarding fees should be reported as below.


Should you have any dispute or complaint that cannot be addressed on site, please contact the Co-ordinator of Waste Operations, or the Manager Technical Services on (08) 9158 9700.

Town of Port HedlandTown of Port Hedland
Engineering Operations 
Waste Management Business Unit
Tel (08) 9158 9700
Email council@porthedland.wa.gov.au

Effluent and Effluent Disposal

Areas throughout Port Hedland which aren’t connected to sewer, such as Turner River, Wedgefield and Boodarie, require a system to treat effluent produced on site. An example of a treatment system is a septic tank installation or aerobic treatment unit (ATU’s) installation. Before these systems can be installed, an application must be made to the Town’s EHS using the Application to Construct or Install an Apparatus for the Treatment of Sewage. These systems cannot be installed without the Town’s approval. For further information of the application process, please click here.

For information on choosing a system, please click here.

For information about greywater re-use, click here

Liquid Waste

All Transportation vehicles of liquid waste are audited and licensed by Department of Environment and Conservation pursuant to legislative requirements.

The auditing of these vehicles is to ensure the integrity of the tank and the non-leakage of the contents. This prevents odour and public health problems.

Please contact the Department of Environment Regulation for further information on (08) 6467 5000.

For further information or advice, please call the Town’s EHS on 08 9158 9367.