Boodarie Strategic Industrial Area Structure Plan

The objectives of the BSIA Structure Plan are as follows:

  • Provide a framework to guide coordinated development of the BSIA and future planning  approvals in order to optimise capacity for strategic industrial use.
  • Provide industry with a comprehensive information pack, in the form of this structure plan and associated reports, to facilitate appropriate types and forms of development within the BSIA.
  • Establish specific infrastructure corridors that provide an essential link between the Port and the BSIA.
  • Establish Port capacity and access to enable optimal industrial development and export within the BSIA.
  • Facilitate development through the Town of Port Hedland Town Planning Scheme No.5 (TPS5) and a structure plan process consistent with the WAPC’s Structure Plan Framework; and
  • Recognise the governance structure for the implementation of the structure plan

Structure Plan Report

Technical Appendices:

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Appendix L

External Report Appendices:

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