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Motion to revoke section 64 pulled from agenda

Posted on: Friday, 17 March 2017 at 5:52:51 PM

The Town of Port Hedland has been required to pull the notice of motion to revoke the Councils decision not to support a police application for liquor restrictions under section 64 of the Liquor Control Act.

This motion must be pulled as it is in breach of the Standing Orders Local Law, due to action being taken to implement the decision on March 2, 7 days prior to the rescission motion being requested by Cr. Tavo  

Town of Port Hedland CEO David Pentz explained that the Town must pull the notice of motion from the agenda in order to avoid potential legal proceedings being brought against the Town.  

“Closer inspection of the Standing Orders Local Law indicated that the Town would be in breach of the law if we were proceed with the motion,” Mr Pentz said.  

“As such, Council’s opposition to the application for liquor restrictions will stand and we will continue to consult with the community on this issue through our survey as per the resolution.”  

The amended Town of Port Hedland Ordinary Council Meeting agenda is now available on the Town of Port Hedland website.  

For more information, please contact the Town of Port Hedland on 9158 9300.

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