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Online Form - Facilities Hire Fee Waiver Application

 This form is required to be completed when a waiver of hire is requested. All fee waiver applications for regular hire agreements expire after two years from date of approval.   Applications will generally be given written advice of the outcome of their application within 15 working days of submission of all required documentation.

Successful applicants will be eligible for a fee waiver for venue hire at the following Town of Port Hedland facilities for two years.

  • Sportsgrounds, ovals, courts, Civic Centre gardens, parks
  • Andrew McLaughlin Community Centre, halls, clubhouses, community centres
  • Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema venue and equipment hire
  • JD Hardie Youth Zone facility hire
  • Community bus, bbq trailer, Town stage
  • South Hedland Town Centre

The fee waiver does not apply to cleaning or repair costs. For full details of what is excluded, please see the Fee Waiver Policy.

A. Applicant Contact Details

B. Purpose of Facility Hire

B1. Why do you want to hire the facility? (please select all relevant)

C. Assessment Criteria

See chart below for next step:


Evidence required

Registered Not-For-Profit

Enter ABN

Not-For-Profit Organisation (unregistered)

Please attach the most recent financial register of income and outgoings.

Not-For-Profit Sporting Organisation (unregistered)

Please attach the most recent financial register of income and outgoings.

Port Hedland school

Do not complete sections C and D

School in Pilbara

Do not complete sections C and D

Community Group that is not for commercial benefit and meets identified need/demand within the community

Please attach evidence that your group fits this category and the most recent financial register of income and outgoings.

Commercial organisation holding a fundraising event

Please complete section C2 only

C2. Is the purpose of your booking (or any future bookings) to fundraise for a local charity or cause?
C4. Is your organisation paying coaches, instructors, contractors, players and/or administration staff?

C5. Is your organisation committed to including the whole community? (eg. Do you include Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders, people with disability, youth, seniors, culturally and linguistically diverse community members)
C6. Does your organisation have a Strategic Plan outlining an approach to long-term sustainability? (This is for our information only and won’t affect your rate.)

D. Assessment Criteria (sports clubs only)

Is your organisation a registered as a Good Sports club? For information about registering as a Good Sports club go to

Conditions of Wavier

- Successful applicants must acknowledge Town of Port Hedland’s contribution in all publicity/marketing material relating to events or activities for which the waiver has been granted.

- Terms and conditions apply as set out in the facility booking application for each booking.

- The fee waiver excludes any additional costs associated with the facility hire such as cleaning, repair due to damage, catering. The entire fee or charge for these additional services will be borne by the hirer.

- Subletting of facilities is not permitted.

- Hirer to notify ToPH of any changes of circumstances which may make them ineligible for the fee waiver.

I hereby certify that the information provided in the on this form is true and correct