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The Town is proposing to construct a shared pedestrian and cycle path to connect Sutherland Street and Richardson Street in Port Hedland. The path will improve connectivity between the upcoming Marina Development and the West End precinct, rectifying a significant missing link in the Port Hedland Pedestrian & Cycle Network along the foreshore. 

The current foreshore shared path along Sutherland Street abruptly terminates at Howe Street, where pedestrians are forced to deviate from the foreshore sown Howe Street, continue along Kingsmill Street and then return to the beach foreshore on Withnell Street (approximately 1km). 

At the March Ordinary Council Meeting, Council decided to defer the proposal until further community consultation had been undertaken. We understand that residents of Kingsmill Street have concerns regarding the proposal, and we want to ensure a future shared path takes into consideration the views of the community. 

The below diagram shows the location of the proposed shared path:

Key Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The proposed shared path will cost significantly less than the boardwalk design from 2012/13. As a local government, it’s important to target rate payer money to where it’s needed most. A shared path will provide better connection for the community, without incurring excessive costs. The projected cost of the shared path is around $1 million, as opposed to $12.4 million for a boardwalk.

WHY are you proposing to build a shared path on the higher ground, rather than on the lower ground near the beach?

The proposed shared path is located on higher ground due to the risk of storm surges and erosion at lower ground levels. Extensive coastal assessments as part of the Town’s Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) found that Port Hedland’s coastal assets will experience erosion and inundation into the future. Constructing a path on higher ground avoids the path being exposed to these risk factors.

Further, construction outside the allocated road reserve would have significant tenure and native title impacts, as well as disrupting the area’s natural flora and fauna which serves as natural erosion protection.

The proposed path impacts my views, why should I support it?

The proposed shared path will serve as a vital point of connection between Port Hedland’s West End District and the future Spoilbank Marina site. This connection will be a great asset for the whole community, who will be able to enjoy the coastline without having to take a detour.

If you’re a property owner on Kingsmill Street, the proposed path will give you better access to the assets along Sutherland Street, such as the Port Hedland Yacht Club, turtle watching, Cemetery Beach Park and the future Spoilbank Marina site.

The proposed path also supports a number of economic benefits for the whole community. When the Spoilbank Marina is complete, residents in the West End will be able to use the shared path to walk down to frequent the site’s land side businesses. Further, tourists will be able to walk along the coastline without needing to take a detour.

HOw much is the proposed path and how is the town going to pay for it?

The proposed path is projected to cost around $1 Million. $500,000 has been allocated from the Federal Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant, and $500,000 has been allocated from the Town’s dual use path budget.

DOES The proposed path reflect the Town's strategic community plan?

The proposed path delivers on number of outcomes in the Town’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028. These include:

  • 1.d.3 Facilities and community infrastructure are well maintained, managed and fit for purpose to provide a range of lifestyle opportunities
  • 3.c.3 Engagement with the community on urban renewal and greening initiatives is enhanced

How can i have my say?

Click here to have your say in the community survey.

We will also be running a number of focus group sessions, giving you the opportunity to meet with the Town's Project Managers to voice your views. Click on a below date to confirm your attendance.

  • Monday 12 April
  • Wednesday 14 April
  • Monday 19 April
  • Wednesday 21 April
  • Wednesday 28 April