Tenders, RFP's, and EOI's

Current Request for Tenders, Expression of Interests & Request for Proposals Deadline for Submissions

Request for Tender: RFT2018-19 Commercial Properties – Jim Caffey/ Gratwick Aquatic Centre – Refurbishment of Wet Areas

Thursday 11th October 2018, 3:00pm (WST)

Request for Tender: RFT2018-25 Wanangkura Playground Upgrade

Friday 12th October 2018, 3:00pm (WST)

Request for Tender: RFT2018-24 South Hedland Landfill Excavation & Profiling Works (Earthmoving Project)

A mandatory Site briefing is being held on
Tuesday 9 October 2018, 10:00 am (WST)
South Hedland Landfill Facility 
Failure to attend this briefing will render the Respondent ineligible to submit a Response

Tuesday 30th October 2018, 2:00pm (WST)

Invitation to Apply to Join a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers: 2018-27 A Panel of Project Management Consultants for the Town of Port Hedland

Wednesday 24th October 2018, 3:00pm (WST)

Request for Tender: RFT2018-32 Replacement of Cassia Primary School Footbridges Port Hedland

Thursday 1st November 2018, 3:00pm (WST)

Invitation to Apply to Join a Panel of Pre-Qualified Suppliers: 2018-30 - Panel for the Supply of Plant, Equipment and Operators for Infrastructure Works

A non-mandatory Site briefing is being held on
Thursday 18 October 2018, 10:00 am (WST)
Cassia Primary School with Respondents to meet at the car park at the end of Acacia Way
Failure to attend this briefing will NOT render the Respondent ineligible to submit a Response

Wednesday 7th November 2018, 3:00pm (WST)

All Town of Port Hedland tenders can be found here.

eQuotes (Vendorpanel)

The Town of Port Hedland uses an online quotation tool called eQuotes (Vendorpanel) to simplify the way the Town seeks quotations and tenders from potential suppliers. eQuotes is used by hundreds of organisations across Australia to increase transparency and compliance in quote-based purchasing.  

One part of eQuotes is an online directory of suppliers called Vendorpanel Marketplace.  To have your business included on Vendorpanel Marketplace, all you need to do is sign up (it’s free) and create a profile.  When projects come up that fit with your business category you will be presented to relevant council staff as a supplier option.

If we request a quote from you you’ll be notified via email and can easily review the quotation request and submit your quote securely through your Vendorpanel Marketplace profile – just follow the prompts.

Rest assured your submitted quote will only be visible to relevant Council staff making this a no-risk and simple way of accessing more business opportunities.

How do you register?

To register your business with Vendorpanel Marketplace just follow the instructions below. It’s very straight-forward and takes about ten minutes.

All you need to do is go their website here.

  1. Choose a business category (you can come back later and select more), enter your name and email. You will then be emailed an invitation to join VendorPanel Marketplace.
  2. Fill in your business profile and your registration is complete.
  3. Once you have completed your initial registration, return to the registration page(here)and register for any additional categories that may be relevant to your business.
  4. Town staff will send a request for quote to you when relevant products/services are required.
  5. Login, review invitation and upload a quote (It’s free).

If you would like more information about Town of Port Hedland quotations please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 08 9158 9300.  For any technical eQuotes/Vendorpanel Marketplace issues please contact their technical support directly on support@vendorpanel.com.au or 03 9095 6181.

Supplier Resources

The following documents are of relevance to suppliers and potential suppliers to the Town of Port Hedland.  If you require any further information about supplying goods or services to Town of Port Hedland please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Business Ethics

General Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Goods and Services under a Purchase Order

Purchasing Policy

Regional Price Preference Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIPs): Agents and contractors guide

Australian Standards General Conditions of Contract are the preferred contract type for Town of Port Hedland. They can be accessed via the SAI Global website at http://www.saiglobal.com/onlin.