Welcome to Hedland · Digital Event

Friday 12 June - Stalls All Day - Performances 5-8pm.

A celebration of all things Hedland.

This year, Welcome to Hedland is going digital! As a result of COVID-19 restrictions banning mass gatherings, we decided to transition the traditional event in South Hedland Town Square to the online space.  Hedland based local businesses, community groups, volunteer organisations and artists are all invited to participate in the digital event by submitting an online 'profile' of their organisation. This will form the information for a digital 'stall', which will be hosted on a website accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world  from Friday, 12 June 2020. 

The digital event will include an entertainment program to peruse, so you can schedule when to tune in to your favourite acts.

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Benefits of participating?

  • Present your organisation to the online audience in Hedland, the Pilbara, WA, Australia and the world!
  • Send your digital 'stall' to friends, family and networks all over the world
  • Increase your organisation's digital presence which can be shared across social media
  • If you're a local musician or performer, grow your audience and profile

I'm interested! What do I have to do?

The first step is to think about how you would like to present your organisation in your digital 'stall'. The intention of Welcome to Hedland is to introduce your organisation to people new to Hedland, so think about how you would best present your organisation to someone new to Hedland. Some of the questions to get your creative juices flowing:

  • What does your organisation do?
  • What are you and your team members passionate about?
  • Does your organisation have pictures on file?

The second step is to fill out either the 'stall' form or the 'performer' form. The Town will then receive this information and be able to input this onto the digital platform.

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When do application close?

Registration closes on Friday, 5 June at 3pm.

When will everything launch?

We'll launch on Friday, 12 June 2020.

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I'm an attendee, not a stall holder

Follow us on Facebook for even updates and head over to the digital event on launch day.

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More information

If you need more information, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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